As soon as you tell the people you know that you intend to grow your beard, they might immediately tell you not to do so. They will provide all possible reasons why you will not like your appearance once you're ready to have a beard. They will even use their stereotypes of bearded men to prevent you from growing it. 

You want to exude confidence

You already tried a variety of strategies for you to improve your level of confidence. Despite all these changes, you still lack confidence when facing other people. If you wish to be more confident when dealing with the people you work with or when socialising, a long beard might help. When you enter a room, people will immediately have a positive first impression of you. They will think that you’re a strong and independent person who looks great.

It shows your ability to make decisions

In several aspects of life, you always consider what other people think. Growing a beard might be a sign that you're taking matters into your own hands. You show that you can decide what's best for yourself, especially for your appearance. Even if you see a lot of other things on social media, you still decide based on what you want to do. 

You just want to give it a try

Growing a beard might be a drastic physical appearance, but it’s not something that you take seriously. If you eventually grow a beard, and you don’t look good with it, you can easily shave it off. You want to give it a shot and see if you will look good with it. Therefore, the people around you have nothing to worry about. A long beard isn’t permanent, and might easily go if you think it’s time to do so.

You want to shake things up

You already feel exhausted doing the same things over and over again. You also feel like you need something new in your life. You can start by having a change in your physical appearance. The goal is for you to let go of the past, and starting with how you look might be the right step. When your friends feel furious because of this decision, it should give you more encouragement to pursue this plan. 

Once you decide that you will grow your beard, it's a commitment. Make sure that you use the right beard products to ensure the proper growth of your facial hair. You can check out for more information about the right beard care products. You also have to be consistent in the use of these products until you reach the desired beard length. There might be an awkward phase that will make you feel embarrassed about your appearance. However, it won't last long, and you will eventually reach your desired beard style.

Forget what other people around you are you saying, and focus on what you think will make you happy and fulfilled. If a long beard can give you that satisfaction, you need to pursue your goal.