People are never sure if they should or should not get a lawyer in any case and common misconceptions often advise them to not get one. 

But here is where they make a mistake in not getting a lawyer and running their chances at the things they could have gotten with the help of a lawyer.

Personal injuries are something common, however, if your injury is something like the following then contact a ‘Personal injury Lawyer’ ASAP!

In the accident that happened, you got broken bones, you had to stay in the hospital for a few days leading to high medical bills.

In these conditions, the medical bills tend to go over the roof. Now you definitely can't leave the hospital on risk and your insurance company will try to doge the bills. The personal injury lawyer in this condition will help you get good compensation even some for future problems.

The accident caused you an injury that will affect you for a long time.
If an accident has caused you an injury in which you lost a limb or something that will affect your lifestyle. Then you deserve lifetime care and insurance people always try to get away with not paying your lawyer by your side will ensure that this does not happen.

You had to miss a couple of days of work or kids had to miss their school due to the accident.
Missed days of work, school or not being able to do things you do are some grave effects of an accident. Under the law, you should be able to get fair compensation for this loss and the only person to help you get that would be your lawyer.

The place of accident was a construction place or a place that could be questioned. 
If the place where the accident happened was someplace that could be questioned or some construction was going on than it is supposed to be protected or signboards should be there to warn off. If you find nothing like that you might want to give your lawyer a call

The insurance company is giving you trouble
If you feel that your insurance company is not complying to the promises they made when you bought the policy then you might want to get some legal help
You got losses like emotional traumas, pains, and problems (all non-economic)
Children are the most affected when accidents happen. Even adults face traumas as aftereffects. So if you feel that you are going through any of these then you should get a lawyer as soon as possible. In some states, these victims are liable for compensation.

That compensation might just help you get the right treatment for yourself or your kids to get out of the pain you faced all that time. 

If your accidents relate to any of the above problems then you should right away call a personal injury lawyer. It would also be beneficial if you call the lawyer as soon as you feel that any of the problems above might occur.