The idea of having only four days a week to work is gaining steam. More companies are following this policy considering the positive changes in the attitude and productivity level of employees. If you’re looking for ways to motivate your employees to do better, this change could be perfect. These are some reasons why it’s worth trying. 

You want to give more opportunities to rest

Employees are also human beings and they deserve to have enough time to rest. A 2-day weekend is usually not enough. They have to do household chores and run errands. Before they know it, their weekends are over. Therefore, you need to give them an extra day to rest. You want them to stay physically and mentally healthy. Giving an additional rest day might be an excellent idea. Some employees don’t complain even if they already feel burdened. 

You consider productivity over work hours

It’s not always about how much time your employees spend at work. It’s about the quality of their output and productivity level. Some employees can spend an entire day sitting on their chair, and not accomplish anything significant. If you decide to change the number of days for work, it might give them more reasons to work harder on whatever days they have to be in the office. 

You show that you care

Some employees feel like their bosses are treating them like robots. They keep doing a lot of tasks without an opportunity to rest. If you provide a 4-day work week, it shows that you also care about your employees. You don’t ask them to keep working beyond their capacity. You know that they also need more time to rest, and you’re giving them what they deserve. You also give them more reasons to stay longer with the company by doing so. 

You are yet to try this system 

If having a 4-day work week is something you are yet to try, it could be worth doing. You can give it a test run and see where it goes. If your employees respond positively, you can pursue it. You will know if it’s effective by determining the productivity level of the employees. You can also see the changes in the company’s profits. 

Given these reasons, you might want to make this system permanent. Don’t worry that it will eventually make your employees complacent and relaxed. The truth is that since you’re doing them a favour, they will return it by performing well. Besides, some countries already tried implementing these changes on a national level, and things are going well so far. 

As long as you’re clear about the responsibilities of the employees and the deadline they need to consider, you can expect quality results. 

You also have to consider hosting activities to further help your employees relax. A fairground hire day might be a great idea. It’s not difficult to organise since you can ask someone else to do it for you. Check out if you want to get started now. Finding ways to help your employees feel better about their jobs will help improve their performance and extend their length of service.