People use condoms to prevent conception. They want to derive the pleasure of sex, and yet women do not want to be pregnant earlier. But, they should use condoms that are effective and do not cause any allergies. Some of the top 10 condoms in India are available.  They can buy some of the condoms that are known as the best-selling condoms in India. 

Top 10 condoms

Duren Extra Time condoms

It is known as a condom of complete protection and is durable. They are also tested to withstand breakage. They are very thin and made of quality latex. The partner can enjoy great sense of intimacy after using it. These condoms are demographically tested and also lubricated so that the couples derive the highest pleasure. These condoms should always be used with clean hands.

Manforce Combo Pack 

These are ribbed and dotted condoms that are in black grape color and ideal for men. They are made of graded rubber latex substances. 

Bleu Natural Latex Paraben –Free Non-Toxic condoms

These are dotted and ribbed condoms that are meant for men. These substances are made of natural latex substances and are 100% medical grade silicone oil. These are triple-featured condoms that are meant to appeal connoisseurs and used for lovemaking. These are made in such a way that they fit and contain the natural rubber condoms. These condoms do not create any side effects as they are chemical-free and they are dotted and ribbed also. They consist of contour head and are featured and are meant perfectly for safety and are aesthetic. These condoms are known as the luxurious condoms made from natural rubber substances

Skore Score Condoms

These condoms are ideal for men and are ribbed containing strawberry flavor. These are perfect for lovemaking containing dotted texture along with 1500 raised dots. 

Durex Kohinoor Kala Khatta Condom

These are dotted condom ideal for men. This product should be used for intended purposes and is a single product. 

Durex Kohinoor Silky Chocolate Condom

They are dotted condom with chocolate flavor and ideal for men. They are made of latex rubber material and are designed to provide a sleeker feel. The couples can feel the sensitivity when they become intimate with each other. This chocolate containing chocolate flavor is dotted. 

Kamma Sutra Dotted Condoms

These products are packed hygienically and contain discreet packaging. They are dotted condoms meant for men.

Durex Wildberry Flavored 

They are ribbed condoms with strong wildberry flavor. They are made of pure latex substance and meant for men. They are sensually flavored with a fruity berry flavor that creates vibrancy. It is straight-walled containing wildberry flavored. They are made of natural rubber substances and produce a fragrant smell. 

Blue Natural Latex Paraben-Free Non-Toxic with Dotted

They are dotted condoms meant for men and made of natural rubber latex substances. They provide extra stimulation from the raised dots and are made of most natural substances. 

Moods Dotted All-Round Pleasure Get Dotty

These are dotted condoms that are ideal for men and made of latex substance. They stimulate both men and women and contain the specifically molded dots and made of natural rubber.