Today’s younger generation loves to travel as well as they post everything on social media. Thus it is very important to have cool accessories so that you can stay trendy, stylish, and brag to the world about your new found passion: TRAVELLING.

We are providing you a list of six uber-cool accessories, that you must have in your next tour:

Micro Fibre Bottle set:

This is one of the most important and must-have travel accessories that you must buy before you plan your upcoming trip. When you travel to difficult terrain or places that don’t have the availability of potable water, the microfiber bottle set can help you in getting drinkable water. The advanced hollow fiber membrane technology helps to get rid of almost 99% of germs. The best part is that the microfiber bottle can also get rid of bacteria like E.Coli. Thus, stay safe and hydrated by using this bottle. 

Female urination Device:

People often think that females face huge problems when they travel on hilly terrain that lacks basic facilities like toilets. The female urination devices help women to urinate while they are standing. Thus, now females are equal to men when it comes to urination. Don’t let lack of facilities hamper your travel plans. The urination device is made up of silicon material that can be reused after washing. Thus it is safe as well as hygienic for women. So, travel anywhere you want, and don’t let your gender change your priority.

Toothpaste tablets:

Yes, you read it right!! We have a new form of toothpaste in the market. Toothpaste tablets are a perfect replacement for toothpaste. When you stay in jungles and hilly terrain, it can be quite difficult to brush your teeth. As brushing teeth requires a large amount of water, chewing the toothpaste tablets won’t require water. All you need to do is to chew the tablet, and you will have shiny and sparkling teeth. 

Portable washing bag:

When we go for a tour or travel, our clothes become dirty. But we don’t have facilities that can wash our clothes easily. Thus, in order to avoid this problem, we often wear clothes that don’t require too much washing and cleanliness. But why should we leave fashion behind?

We need to wear clothes that are fashionable and cool so that we can have amazing Instagram worthy pictures. The portable washing bag is a kind of washing machine that helps you to clean your clothes with a limited amount of water. The bag weighs less than 200 grams. Thus you don’t need to worry about your heavy baggage. The portable washing bag helps you to keep hygienic, clean, and also keep away from the filthy stinky clothes.

Thermal blankets:

If you are traveling to hilly terrain or a colder place, you need a comfortable blanket. But carrying a blanket can be quite challenging and heavy. Most thermal blankets are good for all kinds of seasons and climatic conditions. The thermal blanket retains and reflects 90% of body heat. Thus, a thermal blanket must be a part of your next travel accessories. When you fold this blanket, it converts to a compact size, and therefore, you can store it perfectly in a small bag. This easy to carry, and perfectly comfortable blanket should be a must travel accessory when you go for your next tour.

Travel steam irons:

Most people don’t worry about the crumbled look of their clothes. But in this digital world, you post everything on social media. Thus, it is essential to keep your clothes in good condition. But folding any keeping clothes in a bag can often lead to several creases. Thus, to get a crease-free cloth, try to carry a tiny travel steam iron. Give your garment a last-minute touch-up with this portable steam iron. 

Most people are used to world-class facilities at their bay. Thus, when people plan a trip, they get distressed, thinking about carrying hundreds of bags, even on a short trip. Thus, it is very important to have travel accessories that can be carried easily and which can make your travel comfortable and stress-free. So, which one of these travel accessories you liked the most? Get ready for a memorable trip by buying these travel accessories.