With the increasing popularity of martial arts around the globe, the martial arts clothing industry is facing increased demand. Where you have so many martial art forms to choose from the choice between different martial arts GI is a challenge in itself. GI, which is often called martial arts uniform is an important part of your training for forms that require it. 

BJJ is one of the martial art forms in which wearing the BJJ GI is compulsory. Finding the right BJJ GI is a hectic task but if you know what exactly to look for it can be an easy one. We will be looking at some tips and techniques which will help you find the right BJJ GI. 

Best BJJ GIs

The requirements for a perfect GI crosses the mind. However, know that there is no such thing. No matter what no one would be perfect. However, the one that fits, looks, performs well is comfortable and durable is the right one and Elite Sports BJJ GIs come very close to perfect! Now you may ask how can you find the best fit for yourself, I’m glad you did. The following are the important deciding factors before buying GIs. 


Neither loose nor tight or restricting, the fitting should be in which you can move freely and comfortably. See if you can perform chokes, takedowns, and grapples, etc. in those comfortably without any hindrance. Finding an appropriately sized belt is not much of a problem. Just learn how to tie your BJJ belt and ready, set, go!


The choice between embroidered, tagged, and plain designs are your choice. Select the one you are most comfortable with and go for it. Never compromise your comfort and mobility over design and fashion. 

Durable and Comfortable

Martial art GIs are made of different types of fabric. The selection of which is also dependent on comfort and what your level in a martial art is. These fabrics are what give the GI its features like softness, lightweight, thickness, durability, breathability or ability to keep you cool and tear resistance etc. 

While you are on selecting a GI for yourself you can try them on and move around a little or maybe do some poses. This will help you decide which one you are most comfortable in. Comfort and mobility are the most important factors with others falling on a lower priority. 

Cloth Material

Thicker GI last long but aren’t as comfortable and soft. While comfortable and soft GI is lightweight but they don’t last long. Each of the different GI fabrics has some benefits and drawbacks. The selection is depending on your preferences and what are you looking for. On top of that, it also depends on the climate conditions. Read the details below, select your BJJ GI and start training. 

Single Weave

Great for beginners and hot weather conditions single weave GIs are lightweight, breathable, comfortable, durable and inexpensive. These GIs are easier to grip, which can be turned into an advantage and train for grapple escape techniques. 

Double Weave

Moving on double weave GI are heavier and not as breathable as a single weave. Yet these are still comfortable, lightweight and durable. These are comparatively thick thus not easy to grip. This fabric is also good for the winter season.

Ripstop Weave

Rip-stop is the lightest and most durable ones. The name itself tells you it won’t rip off easily. It is designed for comfort and durability. Great for beginners and hot weather conditions. This is a perfect balance between the different types of fabric. 

Pearl Weave

Great quality fabric, the most comfortable and lightweight. The thickness varies and it is available in thicker and tough versions. Of course, the price is also high. 

Gold Weave

The gold standard of GIs. This one is hard to grip, toughest but still lightweight. Most competitions have set their standard to gold weave GIs. 

 You can train in cheaper GI and wear others in competitions and matches. Choosing a BJJ GI is on you. Narrow down your options by making a list of features you want. Much higher level BJJ practitioners prefer double or ripstop fabric. They are good and won’t empty your pockets. As you would be washing a lot and sweating a lot in your GIs make the selection keeping this in mind. Try your GI and buy if you are satisfied.