There are many reasons why people take a road trip. From a staycation in the UK which involves you travelling across the country, to a family day out a few hours away from your home; a road trip can be the perfect way to explore new destinations. 

The chances are you’re heading to somewhere new and exciting on your road trip, but for some people, driving for long periods of time can become fairly boring. It’s expected that for large parts of the journey you’ll be driving on long stretches of motorway or A roads, but this doesn’t have to mean the drive has to be tedious.

Whether you have a road trip planned or not, has it ever crossed your mind as to how you could add a special twist to your next journey? In order to make the most out of your road trip, we’ve put together a few ways to inspire a more unique trip.

A movie themed road trip

For any film fan fanatics reading this, I’m sure you’ve watched a movie and wondered where it was filmed. To add a unique twist to a road trip, why not look at the filming locations within one of your favourite movies and create a movie themed road trip? From Harry Potter to Lord of the rings; you can plan out several locations which are near to each other and visit some recognisable scenes from one of your favourite films.

A sport themed road trip  

The UK is home to a range of famous sporting venues, including Wembley and Twickenham. For any sporting fans making the most of the sporting venues across the country is a must and what better way to visit them, then during a road trip. For a football inspired road trip, you could pick out several famous stadiums and either drop by for a photo opportunity or enjoy the full experience and book onto a stadium tour.

A music themed road trip

A large amount of modern day music videos are shot in studios and enhanced with various state of the art technologies, but this isn’t always the case. Older music videos and some more recent ones have been filmed in various UK locations, from city centres to coastal edges. With a small amount of research, you can find out exactly where various music videos have been shot and incorporate these locations into a music inspired road trip.

Road trips aren’t fun for everyone, but by adding a unique twist to your trip, you can turn it into an exciting journey. Whether it’s with a movie or music twist, what’s your ideal themed road trip?