While we grow as children, we all have dreams of becoming a princess, astronauts, or superheroes. After some time, as we become more knowledgeable, our answers become more serious. Some of us want to be teachers, doctors, or businessmen. Among all these fields, "Medicine" is the noblest one. 

People who are associated with this field witness humanity at their very best and worst. They have a very dominant role in solving the problems of people every single day. This field is very vast; some people become an oncologist or a cardiologist while others become neurologists or pediatricians etc.
Nowadays, pediatrics is one of the fields which are booming, as a large number of physicians are making their career in this field. These pediatricians are responsible for checking the healthy life track of a child. Nowadays, some institutions and online programs like pediatric nurse practitioner programs are playing a vital role in boosting and polishing the skills of pediatricians. They offer courses that provide knowledge and opportunities to specialize in this field. And also place internships and residency to the pediatricians to further pursue in their career. 

These pediatricians have a vital role in our society as it is one of the most significant decisions a person has to make to decide which pediatrician is suitable for his child. According to Matthew Brennan from the Health and Pregnancy Center, "pediatricians are physicians who specialize in the growth and development of babies and children.” They do not only monitor the physical health of a child, but they also observed and examined the mental and behavioral health issues. To be a pediatrician, one has to pass through various levels and exams to become a board-certified pediatrician that involves specialized training programs. They also play their part in detecting the growth issues, developmental disorders, and problems with the necessary functions.  

Stages to Become a Pediatrician: 

One of the essential steps in becoming a pediatrician is to have a “Doctorate Degree.” As this is the primary educational requirement to get entry into any specialization programs. The initial demand to gain entry into any medical university is at least 2 to 3 years of pre-medical study at any college with the required scores. These stages include MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), four years of research in Medical College, 2 to 3 years of Residency, Fellowship (specialization in the subfield of pediatrics) License, and get certified by the American Board. Every step has its importance, which leads to becoming a successful pediatrician.

It is the first and foremost step. MCAT stands for Medical College Admission Test,  which is a standardized examination. It is the exam that measures the applicant’s knowledge and his capability of understanding the medical sciences. To apply to a medical school, the applicant has to pass this test and sends his MCAT scores to the college. This test evaluates the applicant’s critical thinking and problem-solving ability and his concepts related to biological sciences. It is a multiple-choice based exam. One can prepare for this test by thoroughly studying the MCAT book as well as taking preparatory classes to attain the required scores in an entrance test. 
Medical School Program:

The second step is a program that usually takes four to seven years to complete. These programs include the study related to Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, and Pharmacology, etc. The last years of this program involve the training of students in a medical setting. During this training, students learn how to provide care to patients in a hospital or clinic set-up. These clinical rounds in different wards play a very significant role in choosing the area of specialization (like pediatrics, cardiology, neurology, gynecology, etc.) in the future. These hospital rounds take place under the supervision of professional medical practitioners and physicians.


It is the third step towards a specialization in pediatrics. Because when a person graduates from the medical college, he is an ordinary physician, who doesn’t hold a specialty in any particular field. To specialize in the field of pediatrics, one will need to complete the pediatric training program at any hospital. That program of training is known as “Residency.”

The period of residency is three years that takes place under the guidance and direction of a skillful and certified pediatrician. Through this time, one learns how to deal with patients via his knowledge and experiences efficiently. This training program is very tough and full of different challenges as one has to work for so many hours, sometimes without even taking a break if any critical case comes. That’s why it requires patience, dedication, and passion for his profession. On the other hand, this program helps a lot in embellishing one’s skills and capabilities. This training program ends on the exam, conducted by the American Board of Pediatrics, and after that, the successful candidates become certified pediatricians.
Fellowship and License:

If a pediatrician further wants to specialize in his field, then he must spend two to three years in his selected area. There are few fields in which a certified pediatrician can do specialization like (neonatology or medical genetics, etc.). 

An accredited pediatrician requires a license to practice in different states or regions. The requirements and procedures to get the permit may differ from region-to-region. But the examination based on two parts for the license is compulsory. 


Every person has some goals in his life. To achieve these goals, one must work hard and put all his efforts to make his desired path. During this journey, he may face hardships, but his dedication, passion, and capabilities help him in achieving his goals. The selection of a career is an important task. 

Among so many professions, selection should be likely depending on one’s skills, interests, and passion towards that field. The field of medicine is a noble one. People associated with this field serve humanity selflessly every single day. It has many branches, and these days pediatrics is one of the areas which is flourishing day by day. 

Many stages are involved in becoming a pediatrician from passing the MCAT exam to completing the medical college with the residency in a specialized field. But above all, treating your patients with love, care, and affection are the key points to become a successful pediatrician.