One of the biggest moves an individual makes is buying a home. It’s an exciting process not to mention a worthwhile investment. But, buying a second home is even more exciting. Unfortunately, many people get intimidated by this bold decision. 

However, buying your second home in Spain might be easier than you think. For those who have been dreaming about purchasing their holiday homes on the Costa Blanca, it’s time to make that dream a reality. With the advice from Juan Soler of, an established realtor in Javea on the Costa Blanca, we can outline four simple steps to make your purchase seamless.

Think of Your Lifestyle When Comparing Different Homes

The worst mistake one can do is to stay in a house they’re not comfortable in. Thus, an excellent beginning for someone who’s thinking of buying a house is considering their lifestyle. Are you an indoor person or love spending most time outdoors? Do you love socializing, or you need privacy at all times?

Such questions will help one determine the location they prefer staying in.  They’ll also help balance interior as well as exterior spaces. Maybe you want an apartment which has shops/restaurants that you can grab your meals quickly. Someone else may also prefer houses with large cooking spaces to prepare their meals.

Remember that in some areas of the Costa Blanca such as Torrevieja and Altea, people love outdoor life. So, if you’re not an extrovert, either you’ll have to compromise or consider other locations.

Decide How You’ll Use Your Property

Buyers buy second homes for many reasons. Some because they want to rent it out to relatives or other acquaintances while others purchase it as long-term investments. Whichever your reasons, one should first determine this purpose before purchasing any property.

For those planning on renting their property, they should look for homes that have enough facilities and are at suitable locations to attract tenants. For instance, renting properties with many rooms will be easier than renting one with lesser rooms.

One should also consider how much time they’ll be spending on their holiday home. Well, many people visit their second homes during summertime or vacations. And others make regular visits. It’s therefore wise you consider this so that you aim for the right property. For instance, if you’ll be staying for long you need a spacious property that’s near amenities.

Consider the Location

Location cannot be overlooked when buying any property. Remember that where your house is located influences your comfort and ease of accessing basic services. For people who want to get far from their busy life, nice and quiet locations will be suitable for them. However, people who need the hustle and bustle around them should consider busy places. Whichever your reasons are, choose locations which you’ll be comfortable staying.

Additionally, think of how far or near the house is from the airport. Holiday homes should be close to the airport so that you don’t use so much money on transport.

Hire a Realtor

Realtors will not only help you find a good house, but also find it at reasonable prices. While you can work through the above steps on your own, it’s essential that you hire real estate agents or a local inmobiliaria as they are known in spain, for this last step. Once you’ve decided where you want to stay, you should contact professional realtors. Always hire an experienced, reliable agent with a local office as they know about the local real estate market.

A good agent helps you look at homes that suit your lifestyle. After finding an ideal home and agreeing on the price, your realtor does the remaining work for you. Therefore, it’s essential that individuals choose knowledgeable and reputable agents.


Buying holiday homes on the Costa Blanca is easier than you think. With these helpful tips, you may land your dream house within a short time. However, it’s also essential that you consider your budget. Since homes are expensive, working with a budget may help you get your dream house at an affordable price.