Every one of us needs a job that could help us earn money for us to buy the things we need and want. However, no matter how much you are passionate and in love with your job, staying motivated may be a daily struggle. Yes, you need passion to do your job well, but passion is not the problem here. There will be days in your life that you will feel like everything seems heavy at work, and you no longer want to believe in the saying that "hard work pays off".

If you receive a lot of low blows from your personal life and work life, it is challenging to stay motivated. If you feel like there's no more reason why your job is exciting or interesting, then you've come up in the right place! Fortunately, there are nine ways that we can do to help you stay motivated at work, which in time can even increase your future net worth! Let us help you turn your dull workdays into a beautiful playground for you to explore. Check them out below!

1. Set up goals on time

If you work in an office, your tasks might be the same every day, which causes you to lose interest. Since you want to stay motivated for your future net worth, you must continue to challenge yourself by setting a timer for you to finish each task. In this way, if you have time trackers, you can focus on each task and eager to do it on time. You can just use the time tracker apps of your phone to establish the goals you have for the day. 

For example, you have to write ten proposals which you can do for the whole day. However, you are already an expert in making one, so you can set a timer of finishing them in just 4 hours. Thus, you have accomplished a long term goal very shortly and quickly. Your next working hours can be used for the tasks that you have for your next day at work. If your boss can see that you finish targets right away, surely your hard work pays off if he gives you bonuses or promotions. 

2. Take breaks.

Please don't give all of your time to your work. You have to refuel yourself by taking breaks to get some relaxation time. Although the breaks given in your work are not long, you need to take on. You can't just sit all day in your chair and type on your computer. The reason why they are called breaks is that you have to break free from everything that you are doing. 

You can just go to the restroom and freshen up yourself or drink water in the kitchen for you to rehydrate yourself. If you feel like the view outside your office can give you peace of mind, you can also take a stroll outside and grab some coffee. While having your break, you can also check your phone to read messages from your loved ones that could also help you stay motivated and energized. Furthermore, reading the best motivational quotes can also help you get some work motivation before you get back to work. 

3. Have a good sleep routine.

If you always skip the 8hour sleep every night, it will be difficult for you to stay motivated and lively at work. Of course, if you have not slept well, your body will feel weak or tired, causing you to have a poor performance for any task you do. 

You need to practice this sleeping habit. However, if your body is used to sleeping late or you are experiencing insomnia, there are ways for you to have a better sleep routine. Being active in using electronics before going to bed is a significant factor that causes you to have insomnia. Watching tv, texting on the phone, are some of the things that you should prevent if you want to sleep soundly. 

Recent studies have claimed that light coming from electronics can activate your brain, causing you to have trouble sleeping. So make sure not to use your phone 30 minutes before you sleep, so that you can sleep right away and keep the work motivation you have the next day. 

4. Celebrate small victories.

Your work motivation must also come from within. If you know how to stay motivated at work, you can learn to appreciate everything, even the small ones. For example, you have close a deal, which is your primary role as an employee, and you still have to celebrate for it. 

It is the small thing that will keep your aim for the more significant victories. If you know how to boost your ego as a worker, it is no longer difficult for you to celebrate as your hard work pays off. Furthermore, you should also learn to motivate your co-workers by helping them celebrate their victories too. In this way, your work environment will be full of positivity, which you all can benefit from your future net worth. 

5. Use your expenses as motivation.

Go back to the main reason why you are working. Aside from your passion, what is the reason that you're working hard right now? The answer is simple. You have to earn money to provide for your expenses. You have responsibilities outside of work that need finances for you to live a comfortable life. 

Imagine this if you do not have the motivation to do your work, you might be given a low rating with your tasks, which will eventually lead to termination. If you will lose the job, how will you be able to earn money and provide for your basic needs? However, if you change your mind set for your work, it will be an opportunity for you to earn money that you expect for your future net worth. 

6. Ask for feedback.

Maybe you are unmotivated because you don't get comments from the tasks you perform. Whether your responsibilities aren't right or they are excellent, you as an employee have the right to know this. So after you've done a task, don't be shy to ask your boss how was it for you to see if you need to make some changes. Don't be stuck forever in a job where you are not appreciated. If you've done something right, you need to be appreciated because it can be a big help for you to stay motivated. 

7. Don't stress yourself.

Give it your all but never stress yourself. Stress will not help you with your work motivation. It will only ruin your mindset. Admittedly, there are things that you've got no control of, so when it happens in your work, don't waste your time stressing yourself. If you focus on the negative, you'll forget to stay motivated, and your progress at work can be meager. You should only use your energy with your goals that help you earn money for your future net worth. 

8. Reward yourself for your hard work.

You are like a child that also needs a reward for every hard work that you exerted well. Stay motivated by buying yourself the things that you badly want to have in your life. It can also be a type of work motivation that can boost your performance every day. Think of the things that you want to buy if you'll finish a project. In this way, you will be very eager to finish it correctly and quickly, so you can buy it afterward. Yes, you can read hard-working women’s quotes for more inspiration to becoming your self’s boss and by giving yourself an incentive every once in a while.

9. Enjoy your weekend.

You need to have no-work weekends for you to refresh your mind, body, and soul. You must have recreation time outside of work. You can do this by hanging out with your friends or spending time with your family since they are one of the best sources that can fuel your work motivation. You need to have a time where you can only talk about anything that doesn't involve work. 


If you received a lot of happiness and love during the weekends, it would be easy for you to start the week and stay motivated. It will also be helpful for you to come up with new ideas that you can use for your work and new things that could be added to your goals in life, causing you to work hard with a lot of motivation.


As an adult, your work will not always be exciting. However, it can still be interesting if you know how to block all the negativities and find motivational ways to keep your passion and interest for work alive and kicking. All you have to follow are the ways presented above that will also help you increase your future net worth. So, which one would you want to try first?

Scott Zhou is the owner of Ponwell.com. He is an entrepreneur by spirit. Scott likes to share his insights on an array of topics related to realtionship, self-improvement, lifestyle and motivation. His recent collection of powerful quotes will showcase the importance of relationship to achieve the goals of living in harmony.