Mice infestation can be annoying and disturbing at the same time. They are disease-causing, and it's important to get rid of mice the moment you notice one hovering around your compound. There are various approaches to eliminating mice from home. Some are traditional while others are modern. Eliminating these rodents is easy, and in this guide, we shall explore the top 6 best Mouse Bait reviews. Let's get started.

Use a normal mousetrap

A mousetrap is an effective way to get rid of mice from your home. The advantage of this method is that it's safe, efficient and durable. The trap normally features a spring mechanism and involves placing bait at a strategic position. 

When a rat tries to get to the bait, it triggers the spring by adding pressure on the plate, thereby snapping the rat. Most traps have a metal rod above which kills the rat instantly. The traditional traps were made of wood. However, the modern traps are more effective and safe. There is no risk of injuring your fingers when placing the bait. Furthermore, it's a hygienic method of eliminating mice fast.

A mousetrap does not take much of your time; thus it's a convenient method to a rats problem. Most often, you'll only need to put the bait, set the trap and go. For it to work quickly, place it where mice hang out such as the kitchen, next to the refrigerator, or baseboard. There are some options that are reusable, while others are easy to dispose of.

An electric mouse trap

An electric mouse trap will kill the rodent in less than a minute. Most units are powered by replaceable batteries that can kill many mice before replacement. This trap feature a safety switch for controlling the amount of voltage when the entrance is open. 

Normally an electric trap has a tunnel where the rat uses to reach the bait. It's mostly for indoor use and safe even in places where there are small kids and pets. It's recommended to use new batters mostly the 4AA type to deliver a big shock. 

It works even for small mice, and the advantage of this method is that it's bloodless. The electricity shocks the mice, and there will be a green blink to notify you. This trap is efficient and will get rid of your mice problem.

Catch and release mouse traps

These types will catch a mouse and release it immediately, therefore, averting a situation of a dead rat inside the trap. The advantage of this trap is that you can use it to catch many mice at the same time. This approach is safe and easy to use. You only need to set a small box so that the mouse doesn't escape. Have a tunnel where they can easily get in and not out.

Some catch and release have a translucent body that enables you to see the rat inside. However, the best type is the solid options. These traps are reusable, and you can clean to prevent bad smells.

No-kill trap

This trap does not kill the mice, and it only catches them. If you don't like the idea of dead rats in your home, this is the best pick. It features a translucent body that makes it easy for you to see the rats inside. You can place bait inside such as peanut butter. Once inside, the door closes, and the mice are trapped inside. As you go about your house chores, you can easily spot the trapped mice inside wandering around. Next, carry it to a safe location where you can release it than to the open environment.

It's important to release the rats fast since they may starve to death while inside there — clean well after use.

Pedal traps

These are the ordinary mice traps that have been around for long. They are cheap and easy to use. They feature a metal rod on the surface that snaps after catching a mouse. You only need to place a food bait, and as the mouse tries to reach the food, it will get trapped. The only problem is that it is not 100% effective since a rat can easily snatch the bait and run away. Most people prefer using peanut butter since it's sticky.

Other than that, it may not be the best looking trap; however, for the price, it helps get rid of a mice problem. It's cheap to use and doesn't require the use of batteries. Furthermore, you can place it anywhere around the house where you're likely to find mice. Unlike the electricity option, you can also use it outdoors. However, you need to be extra careful operating this trap since you can easily hurt your fingers when raising the metal bar.

Tomcat and set trap

This method is quicks and efficient to eliminate a rat problem. You only need to set it, and it traps the mouse. The best bait to use it peanut butter or cheese. Once it catches the rat, the disposal is easy since it has a tab for holding; thus, you don't have to touch the mouse.


Mouse baits are effective ways of dealing with a mice infestation. When shopping for one, it's vital to look out for the size. It should fit into the available space where you want to set the trap. Although the price is an important factor, the best option is one that will get rid of mice effectively.