If you watch anime or Marvel and DC films, then you have heard the words manga and comic books. If so, then you definitely have heard discussions about their comparisons. Most people (like your mom) often do not know about the differences between them, but both styles are unique and different in their own ways. 

Comics are considered to be the staple of western geek culture, and on the East, manga has a similar influence. It also should be noted that Japanese manga are influenced by the comic book culture and vice versa. This article is not here to display which one is better between them; rather, it will highlight the differences between them. So, let’s dig into the profound differences between the Batman and Superman andthe Naruto and Luffy worlds.   

Reading Style: If you’re familiar with reading comic books and manga, you’ll then definitely have the idea that manga is read from right to left while comic books are read from left to right. Also, another common difference is the direction of the texts. For comic books, texts are read horizontally, while for manga, it is read vertically.

Printing Style: Manga are mainly printed with the shades of black and white, whereas comic books are often printed fully with color. However, while reading manga, you’ll discover some pages of it are printed in color, but this depends on the scale of popularity.

Format and Distribution: Well, this is an eye-catching difference. Most of us who are familiar with manga and comic books know that there are distinct differences between their styles and distribution methods. The difference of language as in Japanese manga being mainly Japanese and American comics being mainly English is a common one. Manga are mainly sold either as a tankobun (book) or in a weekly magazine, whereas comic books are sold in a magazinish style (32 pages) with a full color print. 

Art Style: In comic books, the artworks and the plot writing are done by different people. But for manga, the author does both. Judging from an artist perspective, comic book art is often more realistic than manga.  


The characters in Japanese manga varies invariably from those in the American comic book heroes from certain perspectives. American characters retain the same strength levels, while Japanese characters get stronger with time, which can clearly be reflected in the cliché Superman vs. Goku debate. If they faced off, Goku wouldn't stand a chance against Superman; the latter would undoubtedly win against the primal versions of Goku. But the next versions of Goku (Super Saiyan Blue) would knock out Superman because that's how Japanese characters evolve with time. 

Another point worth noting is the durability of the characters. American comic book characters are far more superior in this regard. I mean, look at Captain America, a timeless character who debuted in 1940 but still garners the attraction of comic fans worldwide.

If we're talking about comparisons, then the plot of manga and comic books is a crucial one. Length and shared universes are two important aspects to be discussed. Talking about the story, Japanese manga take the throne. Manga, both in length and progression, are superior to their American counterparts. 

The second issue to talk about is the prospect of the shared universe, mostly seen in American comics, but seldom in Japanese Manga. Crossovers are a rather unseen sight in manga, but when you get a glimpse of the universes in Marvel and DC, you can see that one story influences the other quite pragmatically.   

Comic Book Recommendations

If you talk about comic books, then the Archie series was a popular comic book that even has an American TV show based on its characters called Riverdale. Marvel (Black widow, Avengers, Star Wars, Eternals, Mr. Marvel, Black Panther, Spiderman etc.) and DC (Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Batwoman etc.) are the most popular genres if you are talking about American comic book series. Also, Stranger Things, an original science fiction Netflix series, will also be having its own comic series.
Manga Recommendations

There are tons of great manga out there. Most of the most popular anime are adapted from manga, while some known ones are still ruling only in the manga world. Let’s talk about “Dengeki Daisy.” Where maid sama, kimi ni todoke, Ao haru ride take over the popular shoujo anime tags, Dengeki Daisy rules solely in the manga world. With a taste of romance, it contains a lot of suspense, mystery, comedy, and more thrills about hacking. Also, Dragon Ball Super  is still running on the track. The whole collection of Dragon Ball has never disappointed the fans since 1985! We also have Attack on Titan on the run too. The suspense in Attack on Titan is still making the fans wonder what could possibly happen in every single page let alone chapter! We can also recommend I, One Punch Man, Slam Dunk, Detective Conan, Naruto, Cowboy Bebop, and Last game. And find out more yourself!
Well there might be many differences between manga and comic books, but in the end, both are interesting hobbies to try out. Fascinating stories, profound themes, and strong emotions make a mesmerizing combinations both for manga and comic books. Also, a sweet tip: Don’t get yourself stuck on just one. Explore both of them and enjoy the weighty themes and feelings. You may not like everything you encounter, but still explore and find the right manga or comic book for you!