Health insurance is an important consideration for anyone as they start to grow older. Unfortunately, though, there are some situations when you won’t be able to get the health insurance you need if you don’t already have it. For example, if you have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, you are generally no longer eligible for long-term insurance. 

This can be problematic, as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia both require specialized care as the disease progresses. Here are some things to keep in mind as they relate to common questions about long-term insurance and dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

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What Are The Benefits Of Long-Term insurance For Patients With Alzheimer’s?

Just because you can’t apply for long-term insurance if you don’t have it when you’re diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia doesn’t mean that you can’t use it if you already have a policy in place. If you do have long-term insurance, there are plenty of benefits it offers you that would make you want to keep your policy. For example, most long-term insurance plans cover Alzheimer’s specifically or dementia, although different policies structure how benefits are claimed and when they can be. Sometimes policies will even cover licensed home care or the fees associated with an assisted living facility. 

Do You Have Other Insurance Options?

If you don’t already have a long-term insurance policy, it’s still important that you get some form of coverage once you’ve received your diagnosis. Alzheimer’s and dementia can be conditions that require a variety of expenses and being able to cover even a portion of those costs can help give you the quality of life you deserve as you face your disease. Agile Health Insurance is one health insurance provider in the United States that can help you find coverage. 

Agile Health is known for providing temporary policies, as well as short-term and gap insurance policies to individuals of all walks of life, including students and foreign travelers. This makes them ideally qualified to help with patients seeking a specific type of insurance following a diagnosis that would otherwise preclude them from coverage. Best of all, Agile Health Insurance offers a simple, fast process for getting your insurance quote and coverage. 

Thanks to their online form, you can go from an estimated quote to printing out your insurance card in less than ten minutes.

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Where Can You Get More Information About Alzheimer’s?

Getting diagnosed with any new disease can be a scary thing to face. If you find that you’re wanting for more information about your condition, there are plenty of foundational websites with easy-to-understand articles and content. The Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation is one such organization. They offer a host of online resources for patients and family members to learn more about Alzheimer’s, including new developments in studies and treatments surrounding the condition. 

From a rundown on the prescription Aricept, also known as donepezil to caregiving articles about therapeutic activities and other hobbies which can improve the quality of your life, there’s plenty to find on websites like AlzInfo. 

As you can see, just because you’re disqualified from applying for long-term insurance doesn’t preclude you from other insurance options. When you need to get a more affordable health care option for costs associated with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, Agile Health Insurance can be a great option for you and your family. 

Another way to arm yourself for facing your new diagnosis is taking advantage of websites like AlzInfo that give you clear, factual information about living with your condition. While it may be frightening to think about, there are ways that you and your loved ones can improve your life with Alzheimer’s or dementia.