If you are equipped with the right knowledge and strategy, Amazon can be a great marketplace for you to drive more sales and earn more revenue. There are over 2 million sellers on Amazon, and this number will continue to grow in the coming years.  One of the main objectives of every seller is to boost their sales in order to sustain in the fiercely competitive Amazon marketplace. 

Below we are highlighting some of the simplest and the most effective ways to increase your Amazon sales –
1. Get Your Brand Registered 
The first step towards creating a credible brand presence is to get the brand registered on Amazon as soon as possible. By legally registering, you will mitigate the risk of someone else selling the counterfeit product under your brand name. While branding can be expensive and arduous tasks, it has become a necessity for Amazon sellers. Furthermore, when you get to register, you get access to Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), which is a vital sales booster. 

EBC is an important feature that allows you to describe the value, vision, and mission of your brand and the particular product beyond the standard description and bullet points. It works towards increasing customer engagement, conversion, and sales. 

2. Write a Good Product Title 
Your product title is one of the first things that customers see, and you should be able to make a solid impression with it. It should have all the right information without looking cumbersome. Your title should be a combination of brand name, product name, and prominent feature. Merely by reading the title, customers should be able to figure out its usage. A good title is important as it helps customers find your product, conveys relevant information at first glance, and increase sales opportunities. There are certain things that you should avoid putting in your title that include – 

Symbols apart from ampersands 
Subjective descriptions (best products or best sellers)
Promotional description (on sale or free shipping)
All caps 

3. Optimize Products with Right Keywords
Keywords play an integral role in boosting your sales opportunities. With millions of sellers on Amazon, it is important to optimize your product to make them more visible to your target audience. 

Amazon looks for keywords in the product title to rank, so you need to add the right keywords in your title and product description. Tools like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are great for keyword research. You’ll need to compare Helium 10 and Jungle Scout to decide what functionality and features you like best.

Additionally, search terms continue to change, and as a seller, it is important that you are well-aware of these changing trends and optimize your content accordingly. 

4. Leverage the Potentials of Sponsored Ads
If you can pay to get the visibility, it can significantly help in your conversion rate. Investing in a sponsored ad can help you generate greater visibility as opposed to your competitors. You can choose the products you want to advertise along with how much you are willing to bid and keywords that you want to include with it. 
Amazon will display your product on high-visibility spots such as the front page or product details page at the bottom. When your product constantly appears high on the search results, it is evidently going to increase your conversion rate, and you will get your money's worth. 

SmartPPC is a popular proprietary Amazon tool that you can harness to do ad campaign optimization. This tool basically performs automatic diagnosis  based on your previous campaign data and optimize your keywords and bids in real-time . 

5. Collaborate with Influencers
Hyped up sales pitches don't attract customers anymore; they look out for reviews from trusted sources such as industry leaders, celebrities, or social media influencers. In fact, 49% of shoppers take recommendations for influencers. So by connecting with a popular influencer is a great way to boost your sales. It is important that you pick the right influencer, which is somewhat relevant to your brand and can add value to your product. You can connect with influencers in three ways- 

You can collaborate with them through Amazon influencer programs or Amazon associates. 
You can pick out your favorite influencer and directly mail them the proposal to collaborate. 
You can connect with your referred influencer via social media channels. 

6. Increase your Reviews and Feedback
90% of online shoppers are influenced by reviews of the product. Since they cannot physically inspect the quality of the products, reviews are the only way they can judge its authenticity. Customer reviews are a free and powerful marketing tool for sellers that they should leverage. Amazon doesn't support sponsored ads, so there are complete transparency and authenticity in the reviews of the products. These reviews are the honest opinion of customers about the products that can be helpful in understanding their expectations. 

Additionally, higher reviews and ratings your product has better will be its ranking as well as sales. So, it is important that you prompt your customers to leave a rating and reviews after the purchase. You can add a small card along with the product that requests them to share their experience in the comment section. 

7. Create A Presence that Goes Beyond Amazon 
Your target audience is not just on Amazon; they are searching for products on other places, including Google and social media channels. So it is important to create an expansive presence to direct your customer to Amazon store from outside sources. Create interesting and post on your website and then as a call to action, you can include your product to direct your customer directly to your Amazon store. 

Using social media handles to create awareness about your product is a great strategy. There are over 3.4 Billion social media users across the world.  So by using the right social media platform, you can target customers from around the world, encourage them to check out your product, and boost your sales opportunities. 

Amazon is an excellent marketplace for sellers to exhibit their products to the global audience. Above are some constructive tips that will help you generate higher sales and obtain increased revenue in the marketplace.