Rehabilitation Centers offer various kinds of treatments, especially in the present era. While going to rehab for any kind of treatment was previously considered rather taboo by a majority of the populace, rehabs are now being viewed in a much more positive light than before.

In light of that, here we present to you the 5 common myths and misconceptions regarding rehabs which should be ignored in the present decade.

Myth #1 – You Can Only Go To Rehab after Hitting Rock Bottom

You do not have to be at your worst, in order to decide to go to rehab. You can consider going to rehab when you feel that you should start seeking treatment. In fact, the earlier you start your treatment, the better the chances for a speedy recovery. 

While it is true that a majority of the people only seek treatment when they undergo an overdose or get arrested, it is much better to recognize the signs beforehand only and seek treatment before your condition worsens.

Myth #2 - Relapse Means the Treatment Has Failed

Relapsing after getting your treatment from rehab, or during your treatment does not indicate that the treatment has failed. It only means that you are human. In fact very common for relapses to occur after their respective treatment and around 40%-60% of patients do tend to experience relapses. 

Relapse is nothing to be presumed as a failure, and in fact, should be treated for an addiction the same way it is treated for a chronic illness. Relapse also serves as a signal that the treatment should be reinstated or adjusted, or even changed if it is not effective.

Myth #3 Rehab Makes the Person Even Sicker

Many people tend to confuse the withdrawal symptoms as becoming even sicker or becoming unstable overall. If you are getting treatment for an addiction, then you will be receiving a medically supervised detoxification which can make the side effects of withdrawal much easier to bear.

The Detoxification Process basically involves clearing the person’s body of the drugs or alcohol, which usually results in withdrawal symptoms such as muscle aches, intense cravings, severe anxiety and even vomiting. However, a majority of these symptoms are manageable under medical supervision.

Myth #4 Rehab Is Way Too Expensive

A common misconception is that Rehab proves too costly for a regular person. On the contrary, many rehabilitation centers accept insurance. You can find out from your insurance company how many treatment days will they cover, and what percentage will you be liable to pay.

You can skip ‘luxury rehab’ and even opt for outpatient therapy if you are concerned about the costs.

Myth #5 Rehab Life Is Like Being a Prisoner

It is mostly presumed that the patients are living like prisoners in a jail. In fact, rehab centers try their level best to provide the in-house patients with maximum level of comfort and care, offer different kind of amenities as well.