The optic nerve is the “wire” which delivers the signals from the retina to the brain, where they turn into the picture that we see. Atrophy of the optic nerve is an eye disease that can lead to decreased vision due to the development of pathological processes that affect the brain part of the organ. In other words, with atrophy of the optic fiber gradually dies, information is transmitted to the brain from the retina in a distorted form.

Atrophy of the optic nerve is one of the main causes of low vision and blindness and accounts for 21% of all blindness cases. Atrophy of the optic nerve is not an independent disease, but a consequence of various pathological processes that affect the optic pathway in various departments.

Unfortunately, atrophy of the optic nerve can develop even in young and active people. Until recent time, progressive diseases of the optic nerve has resulted in blindness and doctors could not help. It was believed that the nervous tissue is irreparable, and damaged areas are permanently lost. Nowadays every ophthalmologist knows that the vision can be restored if the nerve fibers are not atrophied completely.

What can cause atrophy of the optic nerve?

The optic nerve may be damaged due to several reasons:

1. Eye diseases (vascular diseases of the retina and optic nerve, neuritis, etc.).
2. Glaucoma.
3. Vascular diseases, due to which the nutrition of nerve fibers is impaired, including atherosclerosis, arterial hypertension, vasospasm.
4. Toxic effects (surrogates of alcohol (methyl alcohol), nicotine, drugs).
5. Diseases of the brain (e.g. inflammation of the brain and meninges, craniocerebral trauma, tumors) affecting the optic nerve.
6. Infectious and viral diseases.

Symptoms of optic nerve atrophy

With atrophy of the optic nerve, the field of peripheral vision is reduced, rarely central vision is affected.

The patient notes that he constantly sees a “dark spot in front of the eye,” or half the field of vision disappears. As a result of this, patients have problems with reading and other visual work. Orientation in space is disturbed as well. Color perception can suffer sometimes. It should be noted that these symptoms can also occur with damage to areas of the brain that are responsible for vision. If you have one or more of the symptoms from the list, you should consider the options of the diagnostics and optic nerve atrophy treatment.

Which doctor should I contact if I have been diagnosed with atrophy?

Ophthalmologists are involved in the restoration of vision and getting rid of optic atrophy. They diagnose the disease and help restore vision. Sometimes participation of a neurologist and a neurosurgeon is required. These specialists can help in creating conditions that accelerate the process of optic nerve restoration.

Nowadays there are no techniques that will allow getting rid of this disease quickly and for good. The doctor’s task is to “revive” as many nerve fibers as possible. For this doctors use direct stimulation of the optic nerve by magnetic fields, electric current, and laser. The sooner the diagnosis is made, the better will treatment results be.

Magnetostimulation is the exposure of the optic nerve to an alternating magnetic field, which improves blood supply to tissues, activates metabolic processes and accelerates healing. At the early pathology stages, 10-15 sessions are enough to improve your vision.

During electrical stimulation, electrical impulses of certain parameters are used. With the help of a special needle, the electrode is placed near the optic nerve, and the other one is fixed on the skin. Electrical stimulation sessions are held for two weeks. This procedure should be repeated every three months. Other technologies involve the implantation of a miniature electric stimulator into the orbit for several years.

These methods are combined with traditional therapy, like administration of vasodilating drugs, B vitamin, blood transfusions, etc. You can also undergo surgery. This procedure can improve the delivery of drugs directly to the nervous tissue.

Which country should I choose for treatment of the optic nerve atrophy?

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