Facebook has been around for more than a decade. One of the most important parts of Facebook are games you can play directly on the platform. However, even though most of us take these games for granted today, they are revolutionary. 

They are called social games and are different from regular games. First of all, social games need to be played by multiple people. They aren’t single-player games. This means that not all games on Facebook fit into this category. 

Additionally, social games allow everyone to see the progress of other players. This is one of the most prominent aspects of these games and motivates people to play. Furthermore, social games allow friends on the social media platform to play the same game together, challenge each other, and see each other’s progress. 

Why are social games so popular?
The first reason why social games became so popular is that they opened games as a concept to a lot of people. Many people didn’t want to try out playing games before social media as they thought that games were time-consuming and that they weren’t fun at all. 

However, social games showed a lot of social media users that there are games that can be played casually. The player determines the pace, and there is no need for them to spend more than 10 minutes each day on them. 

On the other hand, social games are exciting because of the “social” element. People can challenge friends, family members, and other people in their list of friends. It’s fun to compete with someone you know and see how you fare against each other. Don’t believe it? Try out this bingo game on bingoblitz.com

What are some other online betting options?
There are many different online betting social games you can try out. The market has grown a lot in the past decade. Players can look for a game that suits their needs. Slots are trendy, and there are a lot of different ones to choose from. They are simple to play and can be quite relaxing. 

They have added features and bonuses like the house of fun free coins and spins. On the other hand, poker also comes in the form of social gaming. Given the fact that this is the most popular gambling game, it’s only natural that you can play it online as well. 

Bingo might be the most sociable gambling game you can play online. Up to hundreds of people can be involved in a single play. You can also try out Keno, Craps, and video poker. 

What betting options give the best odds?
All betting games carry a risk. However, the risk is not as significant as you might think. This risk comes in the form of House Edge. This is a term that shows the calculated advantage of the casino over a player. The worst one is American Roulette, and the funny thing is that this game is really popular. 

However, it has a 5.26 % House Edge and even gives you lower chances for winning than betting on football, you can read more here. The next on the list is three card poker with 3.4% House Edge. This game offers good players reasonable control over their faith due to the low number of cards that are in the game. 

Craps can have a 1.4% House Edge if played correctly. However, this game has tricky rules, and players need to learn how to play it well. Still, most experts agree that Blackjack is the game with the lowest house edge that is under 1%. It gives players the best opportunity to use a strategy and make the right decisions to win.
Are there any risks to online betting and gambling?
Nothing is risk-free, and neither is online gambling or betting. Like other games, these favorite pastime activities can also be very addictive. A lot of people get hooked and can’t stop playing. However, this only requires a bit of discipline and, of course, having a real-life where you do other things other than just playing games. 

The other risk is that a lot of people start playing with real money without keeping track of how much they are spending. When you have an account tied to a website, and you are spending money digitally, you don’t have actual insights into how much you’re spending. 

Even though these games have their risks, it’s all up to the player to be responsible. You need to keep track of your spending and work on improving your skills. Gambling games have a skill factor; they aren’t luck-based only, and everyone can improve their odds.