Whether you’ve decided to ride in a Lyft or Gryft, you should know how to keep yourself safe. Sometimes, the driver can get a little creepy or you may see some other safety hazard. You should always be aware of your surroundings, whether it’s about personal safety, physical well-being or anything else. If you do get into an accident, you should call up a Chicago Lyft Accident Lawyer right away, or a local one, depending on where you live. 

Your first priority when you choose a ride-sharing service should always be your safety and security. Here is how you can ensure it.

Wait Indoors

Try not to wait on the street or the curb when you’re waiting for your ride to come pick you. This saves you from standing aimlessly on the street with your phone held out, indicating a green signal to any muggers in the area. You might also draw unnecessary attention to yourself and this is definitely something you do not want.

Confirm the license plate

When your Lyft driver shows up, confirm their license plate number with the one on the app. This is an essential step and you should always do this. Ensuring that the driver is who they say they are is important because if it’s an imposter, you could be in serious danger. Plus, the app will be able to track your ride so it’s vital to know who your driver is.

Send details to a friend

Whenever you get in the car, you should send the details of the trip to a friend or relative. This will make sure that if the driver decides to take you on a detour, your friend can alert someone immediately and check in with you as well. 

Talk on the phone

Speaking of friends, you should always talk on the phone when you get into the car and make sure the driver hears that you’re telling someone which car you’re in. This can deter potential kidnappers or muggers because they will realize that if you were to go missing, someone will alert the police.

Be polite

One of the best ways to get on your driver’s good side is to just be a nice person. If they do talk to you, reply politely but firmly, making it clear that you’re not interested in a long drawn out conversation. Try to be as nice as possible because you don’t want to make the person driving the car, be mad at you for no reason. Plus, drivers love a polite customer and will automatically give them the best service.

Sit in the back

Don’t sit up front with the driver because this is potentially unsafe. Another reason why this is important is that if you need to get out of the car for any reason, you can do so without restraint in the back. Furthermore, your driver will have their own personal space and so will you, ensuring that everyone is comfortable during the ride.