The way of seeing and conceiving people with some type of disability is changing thanks to non-profit associations that support this group and defend the change of the paternalistic vision towards a more autonomous one.

It is true that dependent people, as their name implies, need certain help to be able to live a dignified life and not deprive themselves of being realized as persons, or professionally. In many cases, the best are mortgage loans for the disabled in order to improve their quality of life without the need of a personal assistant.

This new vision is that decisions ultimately fall on people, regardless of their type of disability, since when we talk about disabled people we mean a wide range of possibilities, from a minor physical disability to a serious mental illness.

Faced with this risk, financial loan companies penalize people with disabilities very often, unfortunately, and even more so when the country is going through a period of unprecedented economic crisis.

So what if they need a loan? If only to buy this famous car specially equipped for those who have a disability? Or to buy his house, how to get a mortgage? Or to obtain a health loan that can pay for the revolutionary treatment that could blur the effects of disability, but is still not supported by social security?

It is hard to convince a private company that there is no reason or need to lend money to give loans to people who are at a higher risk at the professional level. Banks and loan organizations, to be reassured, will require insurance, often overpriced.

Difficulties handicap people face when applying for a loan

The difficulties that are forced to assume certain people with different abilities make us aware of the importance of health and how banal some of the problems we pay so much attention are. The disabled are an example of constant improvement, they deserve our respect and admiration but also our help. The paternalistic vision that once prevailed has been surpassed and today they are seen as equals by much of society. Far from pitying, these people seek autonomy and to help them achieve that end, a series of specific loans have been developed to meet their needs. Loans for the disabled that, unfortunately, accumulate a series of insurmountable expenses to face with day-to-day guarantees. Nothing fancy or comfort, just want to get the same opportunities as the rest.

Tips for getting loans for handicap people

Private lenders have opted for this inclusive financing that helps people with disabilities. The first thing to do is to take care of your insurance. If you have good insurance that covers you well despite our disability, the lenders will be much more favorable to accept your file.

The second thing to do is to fill out the health questionnaire sincerely, without omitting anything. A good record with a consistent questionnaire is more important, rather than leaving a bad impression on a bad questionnaire that will require a lot of checks from the financial company. Because they check. Last tip, undoubtedly the most basic: to play competition between insurers, in order to get the best price. offers specialized loans for people with disabilities that have generally longer pay-back periods and below-average interest rates.