Mesut Özil and Fortnite
And football fan and especially someone who is keen on The English Premier League knows who is Mesut Özil. The German of Turkish descent is the world football championship in 2014, multiple champion of Germany and Spain. But as for London’s Arsenal, something went wrong for the player from the very beginning. Grieving for football a short while, the thirty-year-old footballer set about esports seriously and now he is one of the most popular star fans of a rather young gaming discipline – Fortnite.

Mesut’s statistics is great – more than six hundred wins with five thousand matches. Any fan of the game understands that the footballer plays well if not perfect. The footballer’s friends claim that he spends nights in front of the computer in contempt of football training. So, there will be something to do for him after the end of his football career.

Aleksandr Golovin: Dota 2+CS GO
The forward of the Russian national team and football club «Monako» Aleksandr Golovin is a Dota 2 fan having played the game for more than three thousand hours. Aleksandr has been playing the game since he was in grade six and assures that many footballers are fans of the Valve product.

Also, the player likes playing CS:GO with friends when he is free from training and matches. 

Brazilian Ronaldo and League of Legends
One of the greatest footballers in the football history, the Brazilian legend Ronaldo who helped the Brazilian national team to win the World Championship in 2002, is investing in the team CNB e-sports, and to be exact, League of Legends’ part of the club as he is a fan of this computer discipline. So, it is a good ticket to reach the status of «Sports legend №1 in the world» adding the title of esports legend even though being an investor.

Fortnite broke the rugby world 
More and more players of such a contact game as rugby show admiration to esports, and to be exact, to Fortnite. While celebrating successful passings, three players of the Australian rugby major league knelt imitating the distinctive pose of the game. And even though many sportsmen and fans complain about the clear «advertisement» of this computer game, the players are not going to stop such celebrations. 

Basketball and Dota 2
The famous basketball player Jeremy Shu-How Lin likes not only playing Dota 2 with friends but is a sponsor of the second level for famous team of the esports discipline Vici Gaming. Getting to their level fast you'll need an mmr boost for sure. 

But, of course, the most famous investor in the esports team is the famous Air Michael Jordan. Since the guy completed his sports basketball career in 2003, he invested in many promising projects. Esports was not an exception. The company organized by the basketball star invested approximately 26 million dollars in Team Liquid. It is a good market-speak not only for Jordan and his team, but for the whole esports in general. Maybe, this move encouraged the famous American actor Will Smith to persuade his good friend, the Japanese footballer Keisuke Honda to invest nearly 46 million dollars in another South Korean team Gen.G. for development and future victories.

All the mentioned facts show that esports disciplines are becoming more and more popular among the professional sportsmen of various kinds of sport. Esports investment has become prestigious and even profitable. This is only a brief list of the most famous sports personalities connected with virtual reality. Swimmers, boatmen, long-distance and short-distance runners, hockey players – there are fans of a new discipline in any kind of sports. And the absence of age restrictions along with absence of demands for practice can soon lead to the situation when many famous sportsmen will be able to become legendary esportsmen after the end of the career. We’ll see what we see!