Every person dreams of the best job they can acquire as soon as they pass out of college. It should include a great salary and perks is the only thing which comes to mind, but as time passes one can realize how important it is to come back to a cozy and peaceful home after a hard day of work. I realized this as soon as I came to Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala and what an amazing city it is to live in, whether you rent a home or own a place here.

How did I realize my love for the city through Housing.com?
Since I completed my engineering from Bangalore, Karnataka I have been living in the beautiful capital city of Thiruvananthapuram or commonly known as Trivandrum by the locals as well as all over India. I got my first job in an IT company in Trivandrum after passing out and since then I fell in love with the city. The city expands across 7 beautiful hills where one can find the Arabian Sea coastline on the western side of the city and as well as the evergreen Western Ghats on the eastern side of the city. Aesthetically, I fell in love with the beauty of the city as soon as I arrived for my first job. Since then I have always wished to buy my own home in this city as I never felt like leaving the city ever again. 

The city of Trivandrum is one of the fastest growing IT hubs in India and I was fortunate enough to have acquired a job in this beautiful city. The vast number of educational institutes as well as a host of super-specialty hospitals that have come up have largely contributed to the rapid development of the city. Being a newly built city, the city has excellent infrastructure and is well planned. Since I have arrived in the city, 2 years ago I started living in the heart of the city at an accommodation recommended by a senior who was living here for a year. There are many houses for rent in Trivandrum available, but it was very difficult to find a house of your choice through brokers.

Since I was new to the city, most houses for rent in Trivandrum shown to me by the broker were far from my office and I wasting a lot of time in commute to reach my office. The 1 BHK flat I had rented in Trivandrum initially was the worst experience of my life yet as it was my first job I had to gulp down all my problems and focus on my work at that moment. But I had said to myself since then I would own an apartment in the best place in this city when the right time comes, although I had no idea how it would happen. 
One of my colleagues was also struggling with finding the apartment of his choice in the city as we used to have long discussions in the office about the common problems we had to face during our breaks. He had been searching for a house for rent in Trivandrum too which would solve all his problems of commute and space. One day while we were in office he came up to me with the utmost enthusiasm with a wide grin on his face. I was startled as well as very anxious to know what he so happy about was. That was the time when I came to know about this amazing website called Housing.com. My friend said that it was the best website to search for a house for sale in Trivandrum as well as a house for rent.

I could barely believe what he was saying I could hardly believe that Trivandrum had its property website, as I said earlier it was one of the fastest-growing cities in India. So as instructed by my friend:

I visited the Housing .com website through the URL https://housing.com/in/buy/thiruvananthapuram/house-thiruvananthapuram
Then I logged in by registering myself on the website through my Google account, one can use any email id but Google account is easier to access.
I was awestruck to find such a huge number of options and filters available on the website, like:
First of all, whether you want a house for rent in Trivandrum or house for sale in Trivandrum.
Type of flat 1BHK, 1RK, 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK.
Type of property like Independent house, Apartment, Plot, Studio, Duplex, Penthouse, Villa.
Built-up area
Possession type whether ready to move or under construction.
Posted by agent, owner or developer.
Amenities that are important for you like gyms, gas pipeline, swimming pool, parking, and gated community.
You even have the option to choose the number of bathrooms.
Property can also be chosen by comparing its age.
The direction of the face of the property can also be chosen in filters.

One of the most important features for people who are searching for houses for sale in Trivandrum would be the option they provide whether the property is RERA compliant or not, as RERA helps the property buyers to protect themselves from frauds and scam.

For Renters also Housing.com offers options like:
Properties for Bachelors
Properties near places having great nightlife
Properties having great options for commute
Properties without brokerage fees that are owner flats.

I signed up for Housing.com and started searching for houses for rent in Trivandrum near my office as soon as I got back home. I found my choice of place at the best price in a week. It was unbelievable as I didn't have to even pay brokerage as I dealt directly with the owner of the property. I was so relieved that I could find a place to stay near my office in the city I'm in love with. If searching for a house for rent in Trivandrum or house for sale in Trivandrum is still difficult for you, I would highly recommend you to visit Housing.com.