Probably the most elusive thing in this world is success. All of us want to succeed in multiple facets of our lives but often find it incredibly difficult to realize this aim. We all know that there is a certain process towards realizing each goal but often don’t have the courage to follow that process till the end, fearing whether our hard work will pay off in the end or not. And more than anything, this lack of faith in the process is what stops us from succeeding eventually. 

If you are among those who currently faces a similar dilemma, then you can take inspiration from a man whose entire life journey is based around the premise of having a strong belief in the power of following the process. 

Shear’Ree is a widely recognized personality all across the globe on account of his incredible achievements in a diverse array of fields. From pro-body building to life coach, this person has succeeded spectacularly in nearly every field he has dabbled into, impacting thousands of lives along the way. 

He has always set goals for himself that often look impossible to achieve from the outset but through sheer passion, determination and will, he dedicated his efforts towards following the process wholeheartedly, and achieved most of them. 

Shear’Ree started off his career as a professional body builder, but unlike most of his contemporaries, his eyes were not set on more conventional types of achievements that pro bodybuilders usually aim for like winning global competitions. He set his eyes on the previously insurmountable barrier of 700lbs in the bench press. 

With such an enormous goal to achieve, Shear’Ree trained harder than anyone else with a firm belief that success is inevitable if he keeps at it with an unflinching attitude. And all of this paid off, when he became the first man ever to break the 700lb barrier in the bench press, setting the world record at an astonishing weight of 700.9lbs. This record was so extra-ordinary that despite subsequent advancements in the field that led bodybuilders to have much easier access to modern techniques, no one was able to even come close to it for decades. 

But the journey didn’t stop there as then he took on numerous, high profile assignments in the fitness and training industry. And even there, he was fond of taking up challenges that no one ever thought, one could succeed in. One of his finest such achievements came when he became the first man to train a set of women to pass the PAT test. This test was the pre-requisite for getting into the Los Angeles Fire Department, and passing it allowed those women to be recruited as the first female firefighters ever to join this very department. 

However, like in everything else, your belief in the power of the process will be best put to the test not in success, but when you encounter a rare failure. 
Shear’Ree ran for President in 1996 but didn’t win, despite campaigning vociferously and putting in a lot of his personal financial resources into it. When after a long campaign of success, we encounter a failure, it’s common for doubt to creep into you, affecting the mindset that serve you so well till now. Most of us would’ve given up then and there, but Shear’Ree wasn’t like that as he knew that his approach was right above all else and a single failure didn’t define its overall effectiveness. 
The most important thing to understand about processes is that initially, the results they give are not that significant but if one looks closely, these results continue on a consistent basis. For e.g. when Shear’Ree started Program Shear’Ree, a community betterment program that focuses on the development of underprivileged youth through character building and education, it was limited in impact to just a few cities in the US. But the program kept on making small achievements and eventually grew to spread its tentacles nationwide in its four decades of operations. 
The life journey of Shear’Ree is a testament to the fact that processes are what allow you to replicate your success into whatever you aim into achieving. And in this highly competitive, ultra-progressive world that we currently inhibit, there is no better quality to instill in yourself to further your credentials than putting your full faith into the process. If you do manage to do this, no success will remain out of your reach for long.