As we go about our everyday lives, we take much of what we have for granted and we never really give it a minute’s thought. When we go to the toilet, we flush the toilet and the contents disappear before we have even stood up. When we take a well-deserved hot bath, once we pull the plug, the dirty water drains effortlessly away and the same applies when we take a shower. When we put the weekly wash in the machine and turn it on, we return later to find everything washed, rinsed and finished. However, the day will come when these things will no longer work like they should.

That feeling of hopelessness comes to us all when we flush the contents, and the water starts to come up towards us. It is a heart stopping moment and if you are lucky, it will come to the rim and then recede. However, when this happens, you know that there is an issue with your drains and there is a blockage somewhere along the line. In a home with a family, we can’t do without the toilet, the shower and the sink and so this is something that needs immediate attention.

For this kind of job, you need specialist blocked drain plumbers to come out to your property and get to the bottom of why it is happening and to get the blockage removed. There are a number of things that they can do.

The first thing would be to snake the drains and try to remove the blockage. This is generally the only thing that has to be done to get your drains functioning properly again. If the blockage doesn’t work itself out, then they may have to bring out the big guns.

High pressure water is forced into the drain to remove larger blockages and this is an effective way to move whatever is blocking the drain onwards. In 9 out of 10 times, this will address the problem and your family can get back to normal and continue with their day to day things.

If that doesn’t work, then they can put cameras into the drain to see exactly what is causing the blockage. It may be a broken pipe or a larger obstruction, but this way, they can get to the root of the problem.

Whatever your issue with your drains, these guys have all the answers and they will get the water flowing again all through your home.