Food delivery is a godsend. For those days when we just can’t seem to make sense of what’s in our refrigerators, much less make it to the grocery store a couple of blocks away, delivery gives us the ease of ordering whatever cuisine we want in a few simple clicks. 

It wasn’t always this easy. There used to be stacked take-out menus, huge delivery fees, and only a few restaurants that offered the service besides local pizza joints. But now we have so many different types of food and so many services that will get them to us in a timely fashion, that the choice has become overwhelming. 

So how do we choose the best food while minimizing any negative aspects? While some factors are beyond your control, it all depends on your palate, your hunger level, your willingness to try new things or very happily stick with the old things, and how deeply you’re willing to dive into those very valuable ratings. 

Order your next delivery using these tricks and you won’t regret it. 

1. What are you in the mood for? 
Ordering delivery can be a spur of the moment decision, but usually you have a type of cuisine in mind before you open up your favorite delivery service’s app or website. Figuring out what you’re in the mood for can make the decision so much easier because you have access to seemingly endless options (though there is definitely a last page, people). 

So, did you open Grubhub because you need a green curry, and you need it now? Or are you more interested in a large pizza and boneless wings for you and the family? Are you not sure what you want but know that it will involve french fries? Narrow it down by searching for what your heart most desires. Food is one of the ultimate caretakers. Just don’t overdo it and order it all. 

2. Ratings are more than stars 
People rate for a reason! They’re trying to spread the positive word about a restaurant/delivery service, or they’re trying to caution unsuspecting orderers to not go with a certain option. Both are valid and important reasons to rate. When you get to the point where hunger is encroaching on your better judgement, remember to take the time to read some ratings before trying something new. 

Another easy way to tell if a restaurant is going to be yummy or not is by noticing the amount of people who’ve rated a restaurant. Some restaurants might have 4 stars, but only about 50 ratings. Compared to restaurants with hundreds of ratings, the 4 stars might not mean as much. Make sure that the restaurant you choose has been around long enough that you know you’ll be getting something delicious, correct, and fairly priced. 

3. Delivery minimums 
Be careful of delivery minimums! You might open up foodpanda hardees without even knowing that you’ll have to order way more than you need to meet the minimum. The only thing worse than paying too much is seeing food go to waste.