Horror movies always choose the parking areas - with dull light, echo of steps that follow the protagonist and crouched shadows - to create their classic scary scenes. And at the same time, these films have contributed to creating a very negative prejudice for the security of garages in the client.

However, owners, administrators and operators of parking lots have the opportunity to show the Hollywood mistake; and offer the client peace of mind, maximizing the security of garages and parking lots. If they take the job of increasing security measures, they can provide better experiences to their customers and at the same time, enhance their business operations in general.

Making parking safe can be a great challenge, since the vast majority of them have unrestricted access to all audiences. And the large size of many of them, requires that all involved observe in detail and plan carefully, to optimize their design and ensure customer safety.

There are two ways in which operators can improve the security of their customers and balance their accounts at the same time: a) implementing a vehicular access and control software and b) incorporating cutting-edge technology. As a result, customers are likely to feel more secure due to security measures deployed throughout the place and recommend it by word of mouth.

The best methods to provide security in parking or parking should include:

- Keep all sectors well lit, especially the stairs.

- Install intercom telephony (intercoms) for use by any customer who is stranded or needs some assistance.

- Install alarm panels with immediate response from security custodians, who will approach the place where they are required.

- Place signs for areas, levels, terminals, etc. that follow a well determined logic.

- Apply a design of the beach and structures, which minimizes the distances that the customer must travel to access his vehicle, thus reducing the time spent outside it.

- Installation of CCTV cameras (CCTV; video surveillance) monitored regularly.

- Display of notifications about the security measures available to the facilities (for example, "Smile, we are filming it.")

Parking Safety 
The use of state-of-the-art technology plays an important role in the security of parking lots. Owners, administrators and operators should constantly seek to incorporate new technologies to ensure their success and greater profitability, such as:

Install a CCTV system and image analysis software, to detect if a person loitering the same area in a suspicious attitude. In this way, proactive action can be taken and a possible danger situation can be neutralized.

Use an automatic license plate recognition system and configure a blacklist, which notifies the operator immediately, if a vehicle with a suspicious patent enters the establishment.

Use a system that helps the customer and operator locate your vehicle, if you forgot where you left it.

Use a system to alert and notify registered customers, in case there is any problem at the premises. You can send text messages or email to your cell phones, to warn them that an emergency situation has occurred; or, to inform them regularly about the news in the establishment.

By applying some installations above, you can improve the security of your parking lot.