In the West, Christmas comes in green and red, and the white color of snow commensurate the atmosphere with its glory and beautiful scenery. It is a little bit different in Africa, more so, in the heart of Egypt. Christmas comes in the redness of the earth and other things in-between. There is no Christmas season without harmattan to grace the tender morning. Here is a compiled list of six about Egypt and things to plan for your Egypt tours this December.

Get places to visit: 
Egypt has a lot of options for you in places to visit and you can reach as many as possible. However, if you will be going with your family, then you may have to pick locations more carefully. The Valley of the Kings may be a good place to start from, the Giza Necropolis is another great choice as well as the monolithic Ancient Egyptian monument called the Sphinx of Giza. For beautiful sceneries, you can think of Karnak, Aswa, Luxor, Cairo, Hurghada, and others. Planning places ahead will help your budget and other corresponding plans.

Think about your travel experience: 
What would make your journey more memorable is to choose how you want to visit the core places that you have in mind. You can take a cruise from one city on the edge of the Nile to another. About 200 boats take turns to cruise the river. You should also take a bus driving from Luxor and Aswan. You can make a stop to visit the temple of Edfu and the Temple of Kom Ombo. What is the beauty of a journey taken without coursing through the vein or road networks?

Learn about foods: 
Food is an integral part of any culture. This does not exclude Egypt. Ful, Kusharu, Stuffed squash, Shawarma, Fatteh and so on are native foods that are worth trying out. You cannot say you have experienced Egypt without having a fair share of their meals. You should try them out. Look out for places where you can get the best native foods in Egypt. If you prefer your veggies, you can also lookup places and plan them.

Hotel rooms: 
Egypt has different categories of hotels from the 19th century adorned pieces and new age accommodation. Because of the frequency of various travels during this time of the year, it is better to plan ahead and make bookings ahead of a confirmed date, if possible.

Prepare for the weather: 
The December weather should be planned with other things. December is unusually cold in the mornings and at night. The harmattan makes a beautiful scene in the morning and it even gets better if you are lodging in a hotel room that overlooks the sea. In your plan, prepare your thick-fur jackets, socks, head warmers, and gloves.

Research the destination currency and where/how to change them: 

You should make arrangements about converting your currency from your home country to the Egyptian Pound. Things may get more expensive than planned; so, you can look up for places in certain cities (where you’d lodge, preferably) and can change currencies and how to go about them.