Men's fashion rings can be wonderful or a disaster, depending on how you wear them. Learn the mistakes to avoid in this guide.

Are you thinking about diving into the world of men's fashion rings but not sure where to start?

If you're not careful, choosing the wrong style or wearing your ring on a certain finger could send the wrong message.

But if you do it right, rings not only look stylish but they also make a huge impact. After all, jewelry can empower you and rings have been status symbols for years.

Learn more about ring placement and find out how to pick a ring style that's right for you.

Wearing Rings on the Left Hand vs. Right Hand
Depending on which hand you choose, your ring placement and style will make an impression.

For example, in certain cultures, people wear the wedding ring on the left ring (fourth) finger. So, someone seeing a man with a ring on this finger might assume he's married.

In other cultures, the wedding ring finger is on the right hand.

Because there are so many different cultural traditions tied to jewelry, there isn't a wrong way to wear a ring.

The Thumb
Thumb rings for men are common in many cultures around the world.

Wearing a ring on the thumb can be a sign of wealth and influence, for example.

Most thumb rings are larger and bulkier but sleek metallic bands are also popular among men.

A thumb ring sits farther away from your other fingers and doesn't create a crowded or gaudy look when combined with other jewelry. If you want to wear multiple rings or make a statement with your jewelry, the thumb ring is a good choice.

The Pointer Finger
We often use our pointer (or index) finger to gesture or point something out.

We use this digit almost as much as our thumb, which means wearing a ring here will stand out.

Rings on the index finger usually indicate class or denote a wealthy or influential individual. Some people perceive men wearing rings on their index fingers as confident and in control.

If you want to make an impact without jewelry getting in the way, the pointer finger is a good place to wear a ring. Although we use our pointer finger often, wearing a ring here doesn't usually get in the way.

Common styles that men wear on their pointer fingers include class rings or membership rings.

The Middle Finger
In Western culture, showing someone the middle finger is a rude gesture.

So, many men might be wary of wearing a ring on this finger.

It may also get in the way because it's so close to the index finger, which we use for a variety of tasks.

Still, wearing a ring on your middle finger makes a bold statement and many consider it very masculine. Men that don't like pinky rings or thumb rings tend to fall back on the middle finger.

The Ring Finger
Did you know that ancient Egyptians thought the fourth finger on the left hand was the "vein of love," or the vena amoris?

The history of the wedding ring is likely why the band sits on that finger in Western culture. 

Rings worn on the fourth finger often have an association with romance and eternal bonds. The engagement ring finger for men in the United States is on the left hand, but some wear them on their right hand.

That doesn't mean you can't wear a ring on your fourth finger. The defining symbol of marriage varies from culture to culture, after all.

But what if you don't want people to perceive it as an engagement ring or wedding band?

If that's the case, consider wearing bigger styles or gemstone rings instead of metallic bands in gold or silver.

The Pinky
When men think of a statement ring, the pinky ring is often the first one that comes to mind.

Wearing a ring on the pinky or little finger stands out since it's on the outer part of your hand. The pinky finger also doesn't have many romantic or religious associations.

Because pinky rings are meant to stand out, they're often flashy or bulkier in design.

Gold and diamond pinky rings instantly create an image of wealth.

Types of Rings
There are many different types of rings that men can wear to make a statement.

Traditional styles tend to evoke images of wealth and influence. Other designs and symbols are well-recognized.

Before wearing a ring, decide on the message that you want to send and how you want others to perceive you.

Gemstone Rings
Gemstones and precious metals have long been associated with wealth and prosperity.

Many professionals and businessmen wear this style because it looks classy and professional without being too gaudy.

There are many types of gemstone rings for men to choose from in a variety of styles. You might pick your birthstone because it represents you or a diamond ring for the biggest impact.

Membership Rings
This type of ring includes class rings, Masonic rings, West Point rings, academy rings, and more.

Wearing a class ring from the Naval Academy, for example, signifies your association with this institution.

You're telling the world that you're a part of a specific group and proud of it. Many people recognize the iconic symbols on these rings, meaning you're almost guaranteed to make a statement.

Tips for Wearing Men's Fashion Rings
There are a few tips to keep in mind if you want to look your best while wearing fashion rings.

The first is to consider the proportion when choosing a ring style. You don't want your ring to be too large compared to the size of your hands.

If you have larger hands, you can get away with wearing bulkier rings. But if you have slender fingers, a sleek band might look better.

Another factor to consider is how well your ring matches your other jewelry and metals.

For example, make sure your ring matches the metal on your watch or cufflinks.

Ready to Make a Statement?
If you're ready to start wearing men's fashion rings, start by investing in a style that you like and feel confident wearing.

The key is to show off a part of your personality through your jewelry.

Make sure you're comfortable wearing the ring and if you don't like the placement, feel free to mix it up.

Looking for more fashion advice? Be sure to keep an eye on the blog and check back daily for articles like this one.