Figure 1 Grafts harvesting at Avrupa Sac Ekimi clinic in Istanbul

Are you getting an abrupt hair loss without any prior notice? Well, if the answer is yes from your end, then Turkey is the mere place you need to come in. For the past few years, this place is garnering tourists from different parts of the world not for the mesmerizing natural beauties it offers. But also for the impeccable hair transplant treatment that it provides. However, before opting for a treatment, we think you need to know and learn about hair transplant Turkey.

Hair thinning, pattern baldness, and abnormal hair loss are some of the reasons why you should get a hair transplant done. With specialized treatments, best team of doctors, and state-of-the-art techniques, Turkey is undoubtedly one of the best places for hair transplant. 

Why choose Turkey for hair transplant? 

The moment you will be arriving at any of the best hair transplant clinics in Turkey. It will become feasible to you why most of the people choose this incredible nation as their sole destination for a hair transplant treatment. To be really upfront, there are several reasons which have contributed to this situation. Some of the reasons can be considered as follows:

1. Super Cheap Prices

Yes, this is one of the most prominent reasons of why people choose Turkey over any other nation to get the hair transplant of its kind. The reason being that, Turkey aims at boosting up their skills in the sphere of hair transplant. But not at the expense of exorbitant price options against each treatment. 

Because, there are many people who come to this particular nation from different walks of life. Hence, some of them may not be able to afford expensive charges against any hair transplant treatment. Therefore, hair transplant treatments are offered to different patients at budget-friendly price options as compared to elsewhere. 

2. High-Quality Treatments

When it comes to the quality of the treatment, Turkey can undoubtedly be a second to none option. Be it the overall infrastructure of the treatment procedure, the technologies used in it. Or that of the medical factors applied while the treatment remains ongoing. When you will come to Turkey you will be witnessing the finest quality in terms of the entire conduction of the hair transplant treatment. 

Not only this, when it comes to the quality of doctors, here in Turkey you will also be witnessing a team of immensely skilled surgical experts. They will carry out the entire operation in a hassle free manner. 

3. Flexible locations

When you will be undergoing the entire procedure, you can also take short trips in accordance to your own personal preference. While the treatment remains ongoing, you can visit any possible place of this nation. Without disrupting the entire process of the treatment in any way. 

4. Additional Support Services for International Patients

When you choose to do hair transplant in Turkey rest assured that all the services will be included in the price. Most of the Turkish clinics offer high-class services to their patients. To facilitate the process of booking the hotel or arranging the transportation, the clinic prepares everything on your behalf. 

The prices offered are all-inclusive. Which means you don’t have to bother yourself with the reservations. Because the clinic will take care of providing the accommodation in luxurious hotels, the transfers, airport pick-up and drop-off alongside the treatment expenses. 

5. Highly qualified hair transplant surgeons

Turkish hair transplant specialists are very persistent when it comes to learning new skills and adding to their knowledge. They have even worked very hard to develop their own techniques in hair transplant. 

Most of the top hair transplant surgeons in Turkey are graduates of prestigious universities in either Turkey or abroad. And they have performed thousands of successful operations with remarkable results after the procedure. 

Figure 2 Before After case from Avrupa Sac Ekimi in Istanbul

So, come to Turkey and enjoy the several of these aforesaid benefits that it offers you.