“I had no idea that a timepiece could say something about me!  How absurd!  Also, what is a timepiece?”  To answer your first question, a timepiece is a fancy word for a watch.  You need a watch (timepiece), especially if you are a woman because some watches are well designed and elegant in nature.  “I had no idea that some timepieces were beautifully designed and can make me look like one of those high society ladies!  Please tell me more!”  Well read on to find out!

Look for this in womens’ timepieces!

When buying a woman’s timepiece, look for durability.  You will find this in the form of a sturdy watch band and stainless steel case (to protect the battery.)  The dial should be easy to see and covered clear glass or plastic.  These factors are crucial in elegant ladies’ wristwatches because they ensure that the watch will last for years without needing extensive if any repair.  One key factor of the fancier wristwatches that women around the world crave is durability in terms of build and operation.  Only buy those watches with a strong and long lasting battery.  Also, make sure that the watch is waterproof - many a fine watch has been ruined by exposure to bath or dishwater!  “Wow!  I had no idea that quality and durability were key factors which separated designer women’s wristwatches from the run-of-the-mill ones!”   Well, if that impressed you, read further because you are about to learn which wristwatches will bring out your beauty!

If you are not buying a wristwatch which is a work of art, you are wasting your time!

“I now know that quality and durability matter when I select a wristwatch, but there must be other things which separate the kinds of watches which women will pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for, from the ordinary ones I can find at WalMart!”   You are right, and the best designer watches have the following common characteristics:
A classic wristband - this can be made out of either plain or colored stainless steel, or different colored fine quality leather
If you are buying a watch, make sure it has either a stainless steel or leather wristband because this contributes to its durability (you don’t have to worry about it cracking, breaking, or falling apart!)
The wristband needs to be artistic because it is an artistic design which separates the designer watches from ordinary ones like best interior the design which makes your house stand out from your neighbors. 
Look for watches with bracelet wristbands because this lends a sense of classic flair and style to them while giving them the ‘dainty look’ which is a sign of elegance and sophistication (in wristwatches)
Elegant watches have ‘bells and whistles’ accessories in their wristbands which include inlaid gems and crystals.

What are you waiting for?

Now that you have a basic understanding regarding the factors and elements which are the most expensive and elegant designer wristwatches have in common, what are you waiting for?  Why don’t you hop online and order that perfect Longines or Omega wristwatch right now?