As a medical aesthetics provider, there are a number of aspects that can make or break a business. While this is true across the spectrum of industries, everyone can agree that working directly with patients and having such a far reaching impact on their mental and physical wellbeing changes everything. From how the practice is set up to how the staffs is trained and what treatments are offered. 

Even more paramount here is the patient-centricity and ensuring the services provided are not only effective, but they meet the highest standards of quality and safety. New qualifications and continuous learning are key in achieving this, however an expert aesthetics practitioner can many times be as good as the equipment they are using.

Technological advancements are now offering more possibilities than ever. Treatments are less invasive. Solutions are quicker and more convenient. Evolving from basic single-purposed machines to multi-functional workstations, aesthetic equipment can cover a broad range of needs, all in one. This is a game-changer for patients and businesses altogether. 

One on hand, patients can come in wishing to remove scars, wrinkles, vascular lesions and even rosacea symptoms, and benefit from an alternative for surgery that ensures clinically proven results and safety. They are also known as ‘lunchtime’ procedures given they require or absolutely no downtime at all. On the other hand, from a practice’s perspective, there are workstations specifically to meet ever-changing demands and even more so, one single one able to offer a range of solutions. 

An exciting range of treatments at the at one’s tip of finger

Deciding on purchasing or replacing a workstation might seem time-consuming and overwhelming, however making the right choice can make all the difference. It’s important to always have top of mind the best value based on the treatments a practice would like to offer. A trusted, multi-functional aesthetic workstation that can perform the most popular of treatments is a good investment decision to expand the current portfolio offered to patients and potentially attracting new ones.

A good example are OMNIMAX S4 and OMNIMAX S3, two multiple and singular use technologies – and all in one. They have been developed by one of the manufacturing leaders in the field, SharpLight. With a legacy in innovative research and development accredited the American Laser Group, the company has been a trailblazer when it comes to non-invasive aesthetic devices. The aforementioned two are known for achieving superior clinical results and excellent patient satisfaction.

The OMNIMAX series use a combination of four types of cutting-edge technologies. The dynamic pulse control technology is used for hair removal, acne, skin rejuvenation, vascular and pigmented lesions by controlling optimal levels of energy to achieve desired outcomes in short periods of time. Vermaderm is known as long-pulsed infrared treatment works by gently warming and contracting collagen fibers, thus being a great solution for patients seeking body contouring and skin rejuvenation treatments. 

The radio-frequency technology is probably the most popular one being used for a variety of purposes including facial aesthetics and cellulite. Last but not least, laser technology which everyone is familiar with by now mainly indicated in acne, wrinkles, varicose veins and blemishes. All of these treatments can be covered in one single workstation. Used separately or in combination. And on top of it all, SharpLight has developed them to be user-friendly (besides the training included). 

Equipped for the future

Aesthetic workstations are the backbone of every practice wishing to make the top. It’s part of how a respected practice who is promising to provide cutting-edge treatments will truly deliver on that promise. Being able to adapt to changing demands while maintaining patient satisfaction and results will set a practice apart. Whichever one manages to achieve that long-term and with a hefty ROI from investment will be successful. 

Another aspect which tends to be overlooked relates to the aesthetic of the workstation itself. Moving away from large, heavy and quite frankly scary looking equipment, the next generation of products are designed and manufactured to be different. Enabling a compact, contemporary look is also an aspect that SharpLight takes seriously when it comes to their workstations. It also means that rather than crowding up a room with all sorts of devices, practices can elegantly and conveniently use the space better. Whether that means decorating it in a manner that will enhance the patient experience or simply giving the room some breathing space, it is all down to every practice – the options are endless!