When you’re a DJ, power is everything. The rule of thumb is the higher the power, the greater the quality of sound. You do not want to be let down by poor quality.

Whether you plan to spin at home or at a wedding, Behringer speakers are highly recommended.

Uli Behringer founded his company in 1989 in Germany. It is an audio equipment business that has now reached international acclaim thanks to many years of effort and hard work. Well known for its high-quality products Behringer is now regarded as among the very best audio equipment manufacturers around.

The firm is actually multiple companies working together via its direct marketing plan that is able to sell to more than 130 countries worldwide. Production has now been moved to China.

Behringer came up with the idea that led to the business that he now chairs when he was studying classical piano and sound engineering in college. He came to feel that the school was not providing equipment that was adequate so he determined to build his own equipment.

It was not long before he was developing PA amplifiers, loudspeakers, guitar amps, mixing boards, digital pianos, guitars, microphones, and lighting equipment. He was able to sell high performance at a low price.

Behringer has now moved himself to Hong Kong to better understand the Chinese culture as well as overseeing the production of Behringer products. Indeed, Behringer City in China is effectively a large factory where the products are made.

It produces more than 50,000 mixers each month and only 0.1% of the products made fail. This is an unthinkable margin of error but is the result of Behringer believing in educating his employees online for no charge. He believes in continuous improvement.

Behringer’s DJ Speakers

Behringer is known for producing the highest quality speakers available on the market. The B208D model offers  200 watts of 2-way sound that is ideal for playback or live. It is lightweight and compact but offers extreme sound levels along with great sound pressure. It also offers a lot of bass and acoustic power with an 8′ long-excursion driver.

Behringer offers several models with a wide range in prices that make them accessible to people of all budgets. It’s possible to buy portable or static PA systems. For example, the EuroLive B215D Active PA Speaker System is ideal for any DJ in search of a speaker system that is powerful and of professional quality. They can come with Class D amplifiers which assist in making these 15″ speakers sound crisp and clear.  

Passive PA Speakers

The Behringer B215XL is pretty state of the art. It is a passive speaker with 1,000 watts of peak performance. It has a 15″ woofer, along with a titanium diaphragm compression driver. This speaker is portable and there is a smaller 12″ model too.

Portable PA Speakers

The Behringer EuroLive B207MP3 provides a 6.5″ speaker that comes with a built-in MP3 player that is able to play songs through a USB drive. This speaker is ideal for DJs who play smaller gigs and don’t require sound to be projected over great distances.