People around the world are struggling to achieve perfect balance in life, but anxiety, depression and bad business decisions are very common today. Some people simply do not love their jobs and only work so they can get a paycheck to pay their bills. That is not a good life. 

In fact, negativity and bad thoughts can crush a person in every possible way. As a result, the pursuit of happiness is something we all go for, but not all succeed in that quest. However, if you follow the path of certain successful people, then you will see that nothing is impossible. You can achieve anything you want in life if you are disciplined, patient and follow the footsteps of Sigurd Henrik Vedal. 

Just Who Is Sigurd Henrik Vedal?
Sigurd Henrik Vedal is a half American, half Norwegian, self-made man that has earned millions through his successful business ventures. He is one of the best motivational speakers in the world and a top entrepreneur that has made it big in life. His story is quite amazing. He owns dozens of companies that rake in millions of dollars – all of them funded exclusively by him. There are no backers, investors or any other shareholders to fund his projects. 

What makes Sigurd Henrik Vedal different from other entrepreneurs is that he shares his knowledge, wisdom and tips with ordinary people. He uses his time, energy and financial resources to help people that live in less fortunate communities. Even more, besides being a successful entrepreneur, Sigurd Henrik Vedal is also a life coach and has a wide array of knowledge in couples counseling. Vedal is happy to teach others about this, so make sure you follow his coaching sessions. His Instagram account is currently at over half a million followers and still growing. 

According to Sigurd Vedal, the main elements for success in life are good health, the love you give and take, passion in what you do, and financial freedom to seek happiness in life. He has acquired all of them at a young age and now reaps the fruits of his labor. The journey has not been easy or simple, but the ride has been well worth it. Vedal`s brands today are widely recognized in the world and millions of people are using his products and services. 

How Sigurd Henrik Vedal Has Made It in Life? 
Vedal points out that in order to go for what you wish for in life, you first must be in good health. Not all people pay enough attention to their health and wellbeing, but without good health you cannot achieve anything. A healthy body and mind will give you wings to go for the things you want to achieve. Besides good health and financial freedom, a couple other things you must have are a passion for the things you do and love. Passion will motivate you to try harder to reach your targets and achieve your goals, while love will push you in life to never give up. Therefore, before even trying to run a business, you must obtain all four of these elements that will drive you in your pursuit of happiness.