Eye problems are genetic. This means that whether you like it or not if someone in your family has issues with their eyesight, the chances are that you may suffer from the same eye problem. Our vision also gets worse as we age. 

Unfortunately, some eye problems are because of our lifestyle. Many activities affect our eyes. These activities leave our eyes itchy, dry, and generally not functioning as they are supposed to. Our eyes are precious, and we want to continue to enjoy good vision for as long as possible. To take good care of your eyes, you have to know the activities that are harmful to your eyes. The following are some of these activities.

Extensive Exposure to Computer And Smartphone Screen

Your eyes become dry when you stare at the computer screen or smartphone screen for more extended periods. Eyes become dry because the more you stare at the blue screen, the lesser you blink. The decrease in the number of times you blink results in eye dryness.

When the lubrication in the eyes decreases, your eyes start to feel tired, which results in blurry vision. Most of the shortsighted eye conditions in the world are caused by extensive exposure of the eyes to blue screen. 

Therefore, instead of staring at your computer the whole day, give your eyes a break every occasionally. For instance, if you have an essay to write, you can consult professional essay writers to do the work for you and take that time to rest your eyes. 

Abusing Eye Drops

Most people use eye drops to alleviate the problem of dry eyes. However, the challenge here is that while the drops may reduce the problem at the time, the eye drops end up damaging your eyes if used for a prolonged period.

The only actual benefit that the non-prescription eye drops have is that they make your eyes less red. Other than that, the drops have no health benefit for your eyes. 

When it comes to prescription eye drops, make sure you stop using them after completing the dosage. Also, in case of any adverse effect like irritation, discontinue the use immediately.

Too Much Sunlight Exposure

If you tend to stay out in the sun, you have to invest in shades with UV protection. This is because the harmful UV rays of the sun can seriously damage your eyes. The sunlight can cause eye problems such as cataracts and abnormal growths. These damages are permanent and irreversible.

The good news is you can avoid such problems by investing in a good pair of sunglasses. If you are using contact lenses, make sure they have UV protection. The same goes for spectacles.

Applying Expired Eye Make-Up

As a make-up lover, you may have a hard time getting rid of your make-up when they expire. This is especially difficult when you spent a fortune on the make-up. Unfortunately, you only put your eyes on significant risks when you apply expired make-up like mascara on your eyes.

Apart from irritating your contacts, expired make-up can cause a severe eye infection. The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends that eye make-up be discarded after three months of use. On the other hand, some experts claim that it is okay to use eye-makeup for up to nine months. All these recommendations are conflicting. Nevertheless, when it comes to eye make-up like mascara, the rule of thumb is that when they become clumpy, it is time to throw them out. 

Rubbing Your Eyes

When you rub your eyes, you spread dirt as well as germs in your eyes. The bacteria that cause pink eyes are transferred this way. Rubbing eyes is very tempting, especially when you think of how relieved you are going to feel after rubbing your eyes. Unfortunately, rubbing the eyes only makes the problem worse. Some of the severe eye problems linked to eye rubbing include irreversible corneal damage.

When you feel like there is something in your eyes, instead of rubbing your eye, blink rapidly or use eye drops to get rid of the foreign object. When you rub your eyes at that time, you only dig the debris deeper in your eyes. 


Ensure the safety of your eyes by arming yourself with the appropriate safety gear for the eyes to avoid eye injury or damage.