People often have the misconception the men who see call girls are misogynists, but a recent study shows they do it because they need to establish an emotional bond. Dirk Schubotz and Susann Huschke, two experienced researchers found out that many of these men are looking for intimacy. 

They base their conclusions on the answers they received after they sent a questionnaire to multiple escort website users. Among the responders were men working in various industries, and 50% of them were in a serious relationship. 90% of them see the same escort regularly because they create a bond based on trust and respect. 

Why do people think men who see call girls are misogynists?
When a spouse finds out their partner betrayed them, they find the situation devastating and they cannot understand why they did it. The feeling of betrayal intensifies if other people find out their partner cheated on them. Their first thought is their partner no longer loves them and it’s a misogynist because he is using an escort’s services

But they need to understand that there’s a psychological difference between seeing a call girl and being an infidel in another way. Seeing an escort is regularly about seeking intimacy, they don’t long for love. 

So why do married men hire escorts?
It’s difficult to identify a common factor that makes men visit call girls because their reasons are different, but we will try to identify the most common ones.

Some men are bored in their relationships and they think an emotionless interaction is not betrayal. Sometimes, men hire call girls because their partners refuse to be intimate with them, and they cannot abstain. 

There are also times when men desire certain things they cannot share with their spouses and they ask a stranger to participate in. They tend to protect their partners from their hidden side. Some men are seeking dominatrix partners, and because they cannot share their desires with their partners, they are hiring someone who is experienced in this practice. Their requirements may be minimal, but their fear that their spouse would abandon them makes them hire a Paris escort

Some men consider the relationships they have with an escort more than intercourse. Some of them are not even looking for sexual intimacy, they find more interesting to talk to the women they pay because they are looking for human contact. 

The reasons for hiring a call girl as opposed to cheating are numerous. Many men prefer relations with escorts because they are simple and they don’t carry the baggage of an affair. When the interaction is paid, they have the impression it doesn’t count as cheating. Some people hire escorts to help them deal with health problems like anxiety and depression, because sometimes their behaviour is difficult to control, and the escorts are known for being able to help people relax even if their emotions are strong. 

Many married men choose this behaviour because they cannot share their desires with their partners, but when seeing a paid call girl, they can be honest about their taboos.