Synthetic pee might come across as a strange phenomenon, but I can assure you that it isn’t anything strange. And it is fast becoming the new trending thing out there in the market.

So what is fake pee you might ask? Synthetic pee is simply a chemically engineered synthetic or a mixture of chemical compounds that forms identical mineral attributes to that of human urine.

Now, contrary to the propaganda out there that fake pee is bad, and for that reason should be banned or prohibited--- that my friend is an uninformed opinion, to say the least.  

There are so many other benefits to the use of synthetic urine, but for the sake of some contingencies, we will limit our exploration to just about four of them.

Scientific Evaluations

We live in a world where a lot of testing and medical research is done on a daily basis in order to find ways and cures that help in making our lives better, and one of such numerous testing often involves using human urine samples.

With the advent of synthetic urine, the need for human urine samples has subsided because researchers and scientists alike have not only discovered that fake pee can very well serve the purpose of human urine but also is preferable in that it has a longer shelf life. 

Cannabis Test

Now to the most controversial topic, the issue of whether or not cannabis should be legalized. The truth is that it is a discussion that can be very open-ended, and as such, we won’t be going into that.

But if you happen to live in a state for some reasons have not legalised the use of either for medical or recreational purposes and you need to pass some medical examination or screening, then fake piss might just be the solution to your problem. (disclaimer---I’m in no way encouraging you to cheat or manipulate any medical test)


It is also widely used by diaper manufacturing companies in verifying the quality and efficacy of their products. Even it’s usage extends to manufacturers of cleaning products, carpet makers, a furniture maker, etc.

Many marketing companies and agencies that promote toiletries also use it in their marketing campaigns to showcase the quality of their products.

Traditional/Local Treatment

For many people, the thought of treating any form of injury or ailment for that matter with pee is an absurd concept, but the reality is in the world of alternative medicine it is not completely unheard of. It is often called urine therapy.

The most rampant use of urine for treatment are in cases that involve jellyfish or urchin stings. In many parts of Asia and Africa, urine therapy is a  very common treatment for spider and snake bites.

If you are somehow disgusted by the use of human urine, then a fake pee might be a viable option---just saying---in case you are open to such unconventional treatments--wink