Travel blogs are some of the most wonderful sources for cool and trendy ideas and great tips and tricks for your next trip. Travelling is one of the most sought out entertainment packages. One of the top reasons why travelling is trending all the time if because of the amazing content of travel bloggers. Starting from the most fun and pocket-friendly destination to options to book cheap flights, travel blogs are always there to help you plan and make the best trips.

Travel Content 

Travel blogs provide a wide variety of travel stories, photography, and videos they post on either their social media or on their websites. There are thousands of travel bloggers out there on the internet, and if you are planning to travel, it is very important that you take some time and go through their content. 

Best Travel Bloggers 

Whether you are looking for budget travelling, luxury travel, or travelling for nature and adventure, you will always find a blogger with the same likes as you and you will enjoy the content they share. The travel stories they share, you can always compare and even relate to it. We have made you a list of some of the top bloggers you must follow for amazing travel content, ideas, tips, and tricks on how to book the cheapest flights and such. They will also help you travel better, cheaper, and smarter, which are some of the most valuable information for a traveller. 

1. Nomadic Matt

Another amazing travel blog with more than a million readers, Nomadic Matt helps its readers and visitors plan their trips. If you are looking to travel full time, this blog will also teach you how to build a career in this specific travel niche. The admin of this blog, Matt, is a New York Times bestselling author who also sells his books on his blog. If you are looking for information on flight tickets, hotel rooms, travel insurance and other travel related services, tips for both travellers and bloggers, you will find on his blog.  

2. Expert Vagabond

One of the most popular travel blogs, Expert Vagabond is run by a man named Mathew whose posts and detailed information are from all around the world. From swimming with bull sharks in Fiji to hitchhiking across the dangerous parts of the world, Mathew knew his way when it comes to travelling. The incredibly unique, interesting, informative and well-written content will make sure you are hooked to the blog.  

3. Nomad Revelations

If you are looking for a particular blogger who has covered six continents, Nomad Revelations is the name. This website has some of the most amazing content, as well as information you might need to plan your next trip. The travellers of this blog have a unique perspective which will allow you to see the world from a whole another view and the details are also very informative. 

4. Traveller Soul

Traveller Soul’s author is Karla, who is an award-winning writer and a traveller. Her blogs are not the usual kinds of different cities and such. In fact, she covers a wide range of travel-related topics, such as teaching English to study abroad. 

5. The Poor Traveller

This blog is run by a bunch of experienced bloggers who create the blog’s content together. They cover and share in-depth knowledge on how to travel on a very tight budget. If you are a student or just someone like me who travels a lot and then go broke, then The Poor Traveller is your best friend. This blog will help you travel to some of the best destinations without breaking your bank. 

6. Nero and Me

Travel blogger Joshua has an inspirational and interesting blog known as Nero and Me. His website follows the adventures throughout the United Kingdom with his dog, Nero. He has only seen five countries and is therefore planning to expand his travels to many other countries. If you are into photography, you will love his amazing photos, as well as informative posts. 

7. Hippie in Heels

The owner of Hippie in Heels is a former nurse, Rachel Jones, who quit her job to travel fulltime. She has lived in India and travelled to a number of cities in different parts of the world. You will also find a number of travel-related products that she sells on her blogs. She has a large audience because of her inspirational and informative content. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube where she interacts with her followers and readers.

8. Bemused BackPacker

Bemused BackPacker is another amazing travel blog by Mike Huxley, who has travelled to many cities around the world. His content is about his experience in each of these places in thorough detail. If you are looking for ideas and information on how to explore the world on a budget, Huxley is there to help you out. You will also find information on how to avoid contributing to animal cruelty when travelling. 

9. BreatheDreamGo

BreatheDreamGo is known as one of the top female solo travel bloggers. The owner of this blog is Mariellan, who has travelled to, as well as written about destinations like Bhutan, Canada, Costa Rica, India, England, Ireland, Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

10. The Fearful Adventurer

As its name suggests, the Fearful Adventurer is a travel blogger who approaches the travel blog from a very different and a dangerous perspective. If you one of the fearless ones, you will love these exotic and dangerous places around the world. This action filled blog will provide you with valuable information about accommodations, food, attractions, and adventurous activities.