Taste can be a fairly subjective thing so it's hard to come up with a list of anything involving taste or flavor that everyone will agree on. This is particularly true for ejuice flavors where the people using the ejuices are wildly varied and generally fairly discriminating in their tastes. Sometimes the best you can do is to come up with a list that shows the preferences of a large enough group of people that there's guaranteed to be something in there that the reader will find of use. So here's the top five ejuice flavors based on ejuice reviews.

1. G.A.S (Guava Apple Strawberry)  by Nude eJuice

G.A.S. by Nude eJuice features the sweet, juicy flavors of freshly cut guava, imported from the country known to grow the best guavas––Columbia. Fused with the perfect combination of crisp, watery apples and mouth-wateringly street strawberries, G.A.S delivers an explosion of flavor that can’t be beat.

Each time you inhale the sweet vapors of G.A.S, you can almost feel the fresh breeze of the orchard as you close your eyes and enjoy the satisfaction.
2. French Toast by Holy Cannoli eLiquids

If you’ve been searching for the ultimate dessert ejuice flavor, your long journey can finally end with Holy Cannoli French Toast.

This award-winning eliquid delivers the rich, mouth-watering flavors of thick, freshly prepared slices of french toast, glazed with a layer of sweet maple syrup and topped off with an artisan blend of freshly-grated cinnamon and powdered sugar. Blow a cloud of this delicious eliquid and you’ll be floating blissfully throughout your day.

3. No. 32 - by Beard Vape Co.

This juice attempts to replicate the flavor of cinnamon funnel cake and it does a fairly good job of doing so. The sugary cinnamon gives it a sweeter taste that really conveys the after-dinner dessert theme of the juice effectively. It might not be the juice for everyone's taste but it's worth trying out if you like sweeter juices.

4. Unicorn Milk - by Cuttwood

This uniquely named juice has a focus on a rich creamy taste with a strawberry flavor. It uses four different creams in the flavor mix to provide a taste that can be enjoyed all day long.

5. Shurb - by Jimmy the Juice Man

Shurb blends raspberry with lime and orange to attempt to recreate the taste of a rainbow sherbet. Its citrus theme blends in well with the raspberry to provide a juice that isn't too sweet and which can be enjoyed for a full day. Jimmy the Juice Man creates his juices with the aim of attempting to provide premium quality juices at a cheaper price, so this juice is relatively inexpensive and is well worth trying out.

If you need an ejuice that's a little less harsh and a bit more natural than you might be used to then check if any of the above flavors come in salt nicotine ejuice versions.

So there are five great ejuice flavors to use when vaping with your Mi Pod while on the go. Try them out and see if any of them appeal to you. Perhaps there's a flavor in there you haven't tried before that has the potential to become your new favorite.