The kind of equipment you invest in can make or mar your business growth. Imagine spending tons of cash buying an ice machine and then spending more than the machine helps you to make in repairs and maintenance. This means the supposed ice maker is incurring loss(es) rather than making you and your business gain. What you end up with are disgruntled customers and a frustrated business owner. 

To avoid this, it is best to patiently sort through the numerous ice machines that suit your business need(s). Before settling for the best in the market, even if it will cost you some more cash, it is worth sorting through everything.

Here are some major tips that will help guide your choice of the best ice makers available in the market that suits your business needs. 

1. Ease of cleaning

Purchasing an ice maker that is easy to clean can go a long way in easing the stress that comes with good hygiene practices. Reliability and ease of cleaning should be highly considered when making your choice of purchase. Some ice machines make cleaning much easier with specific recommendations. The wash/clean button is an innovation to look out for when thinking of a comfortable machine to operate.

2. Consider the functionality based on your needs

Before heading out to purchase an ice maker, it is highly expedient that you have a good knowledge of the quantity of ice you will need or have to supply per day. You would need a heavy-duty machine for large quantities of ice. Sometimes, you may have to deliver within a short while. Hence, you need a machine that you can trust to produce maximum quantities within a short time frame. 

3. Go for energy-saving machines

As a business owner, understanding the short and long term benefits of reducing energy and water consumption will help you make wise choices that will improve your profit margin. When choosing the best ice machine for your business, know that ice machines use a lot more water than the volume needed to make ice. It will be advisable to choose an air-cooled ice maker over a water-cooled system if you are looking to save energy. This is the difference: an air-cooled compressor uses the ambient air in a room to cool down, and, therefore, does not require water to cool off. This means your water bills won’t be flying off the roof. However, a water-cooled compressor on the other hand, though works well in smaller spaces, directly connects to your plumbing line to cool off. 

4. Programmable ice maker

The world is getting more comfortable and various industries are being revolutionized. One of such resolutions that restaurants and event planning businesses are grateful for is the programmable ice-making machine. The machine makes ice only when it is needed and has electronic controls that can be timed. Hence, if you are thinking about luxury and comfort, a programmable ice maker is something worth your consideration.