For those who like mechanical sticks, there are not many new types of mechanical mods. In the vape industry, there will be no “empty” in the fierce competition, and the products are only you can't think of. Today, THC has also set its sights on the new model battery and introduced a mechanical lever TAUREN that supports 21700, 20700 and 18650.

Supporting the new model battery plus moderate pricing, TAUREN has attracted a lot of attention from vapers after it went on the market. What is the actual performance of this pole? What improvements does the 21700 and 18650 have on the mechanical pole?


TAUREN is packaged in black iron cans with a name on the front and a cow head LOGO. The top of the lid is the registered trademark of THC. The bottom is the full name of THC and all the battery models supported by  THC Tauren Max Mech Mod.

Iron can packaging is still more practical, because the copper surface of the mechanical rod will inevitably oxidize. If the mechanical rod is not used, you can use the copper paste to remove the oxide layer on the surface, clean it and put it into the packaging tank. Next time When I took it out, it was still bright and shiny.

The package contains one TAUREN mechanical rod and one key chain. After removing the bottom switch of the mechanical rod, the rod also has a battery conversion sleeve of 18650 to 21700. 


Although the size of the 21700 battery is much larger than that of the 18650 battery, as the size of the mechanical rod increases, TAUREN is not much larger in appearance than the new generation 18650 mechanical rod.

The overall length of the shaft is about 92mm (the bottom switch will change position with the length of the interface between the battery and the atomizer 510) and the diameter is 26mm.

The front of the shaft is engraved with TAUREN lettering and LOGO as the decoration, and the bottom is marked with the product number.

The top of the TAUREN mechanical lever 510 uses the most common open-hole design. After the atomizer is installed, the power supply screw directly rests on the positive pole of the battery.

The 510 interface has a THC logo and three curved slots to provide a drain for the condensate or smoke accumulating at the bottom of the nebulizer to prevent penetration from the 510 interface into the shaft.

Since the diameter of the shaft is 26 mm, in order to better fit the conventional atomizer, the top is shrunk and the diameter is reduced to 24 mm.
The ignition switch at the bottom engraves the shield shape as a decoration, and also has a certain anti-slip effect.

The back of the shaft is an irregular circular shape, which is like “cutting a knife” for the mechanical rod. It not only has a decorative effect, but also avoids the body shape being too monotonous. It is also a very practical design. When the ignition key is pressed, whether it is the middle finger pressing switch or the thumb holding the little finger joint, this part provides a good point of focus. It does not slip like sweat because of most metal mechanical rods, and the grip is very comfortable. 


The overall structure of the mechanical rod is very similar to the "Manhattan" ignition key is smaller than the structure of the shaft without a safety lock, but in fact not only retains the classic shape, but also innovates in the structure.

The switch button is actually divided into two layers inside and outside. When the button is pressed, the outer layer is always fixed, which is equivalent to adding a shell to the switch. The principle is the same as the current common mechanical rod anti-missing design.

Remove the bottom switch button and see four large explosion-proof pressure relief slots on the inner wall of the shaft. When the battery is short-circuited for a long time, even if the switch is fully tightened, it can provide a smooth pressure relief for the internal pressure. Export.

The inside of the shaft is also divided into two layers. The wall thickness of the bottom is about 1.3mm, and the thickness of the upper wall is increased to 2.1mm for the fixed battery. (The manual caliper measurement, the data is not necessarily accurate). The bottom 510 also has a very practical safety design with the addition of an insulating spacer.

This kind of atomizer is directly connected to the mechanical rod of the battery. The top 510 has always been a neglected place. If the top of the battery is damaged, it is easy to cause the atomizer to work automatically because the current bypasses the switch directly from the top. The connection forms a loop.

There are also some bottom switches that use a mechanical rod with a ejector structure. When the atomizer is unscrewed and the switch is pressed, the internal ejector pin will lift the battery up, and the atomizer 510 will be blocked. The positive pole at the top of the battery will directly The top of the shaft is in contact, which causes a short circuit and there are certain safety hazards.

TAUREN has insulated spacers on the top, which basically avoids the above situation, but it is safer if the inner wall of the shaft is like a VGOD mechanical rod.

In addition to the shape and material of the mechanical rod, the most important thing is the structure of the bottom switch button, which determines the internal resistance of the mechanical rod, the feel of the button, safety and performance. (Many people often entangle the internal resistance of the mechanical rod, and remove the switch when measuring, only measure the internal resistance of the pipe wall, we must know that the switch is the biggest part of the internal resistance)