In recent years, Cannabidiol (CBD) has gone from being just another basic ingredient in marijuana to having its own industry. CBD is known to be one of two main ingredients of Cannabis Sativa and provides numerous benefits to those who take it.

Since it started, it has had to deal with a lot of legalization issues across several countries in the world. But before now, Uruguay was the first country to legalize cannabis as well as its products. Second to Uruguay was Canada, which completely legalized it in 2018.  Although cannabis might be illegal in some countries, it still retains various health benefits. In summary, its status across the countries of the world varies between illegal, decriminalized, and legal. 

The United States isn’t left out. When the Agricultural Improvement Act was passed, hemp CBD extracts were made fully legal in the country. This happened in December 2018 and due to this very action by the government, a whole lot of medical benefits have been derived by people across the country. Apart from this, pet and animal goods which are made out of CBD extracts are rapidly making sales, as pet owners have noticed the advantages for their faithful companions.

Today in the United States, roughly 7% of Americans are using CBD in some form or another. Medical breakthroughs are now being made all the time. However, the usage of CBD is based on certain conditions, which also include legal adult use and legal medical use. States such as Nevada, California, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado have based usage on legal adult use. In more details, some states including New York, Arizona, New Mexico, North Dakota, and a few others use CBD for medical purposes only. 

Looking at Europe, more than half of the countries haven't legalized the use of cannabis and cannabis products. But in order to fully understand what the legal status of CBD really entails across the world, it is important to take a look at this infographic. Finding the right source for accurate, reliable, and easy-to-comprehend information can sometimes turn out to be a marathon. This infographic is designed to provide all of that in one burst.