People often think that packing light is a humongous challenge. Especially those people who often go on long trips. One must learn how to pack lightly for trips because it has many advantages. This includes advantages like no extra fees for baggage, multi-destinations trips are made easier, and there is no fatigue of carrying heavy baggage on your back, etc. Nevertheless, there are guidelines that can help you in packing light even for long trips. This article will give important guidelines for packing light for long trips. 
Try Using Smaller Suitcases

Smaller suitcases are more convenient in longer terms. This is the first guideline you should comply with. A smaller suitcase will help you to get rid of most of the extra materials that are not necessary to be included in packing. 

Use Travel Scales For Accuracy

It is very important to figure out whether you have even packed light or not. You must not speculate the weight of your bag by just seeing it. You should use travel scales to find out the weight of your bag. 

Make A Packing List

Never randomly pack things for a long trip. It is very useful to first make a list of the items that you deem essential for your trip. After making the list of essential items start your packing. This will help you greatly with packing light for long trips. 

Use Compression Packing Cubes

Never pack your clothes in your suitcase rather you must use compression packing cubes. Packing cubes limits the number of clothes you can pack and they also greatly reduce the weight of your packing. 

No Thick And Heavy Clothes

Have you ever compared the difference between the weight of a folded cotton skirt and thick linen trouser? If not then you should check it out. You must always choose lightweight and technical season clothing. It is best if you can limit yourself to one pair of jeans because extra jeans increase the weight of your packing significantly. 

Wear Your Largest Wearable Items

Instead of packing your large wearable items it is idoneous to wear them. Therefore, never pack your jeans or boots rather you must wear them. Pack your clothes according to the weather report. 

Don’t Pack Laundry Items

You can easily access cheap laundry anywhere. It is very unusual to struggle for finding a cheap laundry. Most often, you can give your items for laundry and take them back by the afternoon. 

Use Sarong Instead Of Towel

There is no need to pack a towel. A towel is always provided by the hotel you are staying at. Nevertheless, if your trip is long then you must use sarong in place of a towel. Sarong is best in this case because it dries quicker, it is smaller when packed and it has multiple functions (can be used as a scarf, beach towel, etc).

Use A Travel Electric Toothbrush

Never pack your heavy electric toothbrush and charger. You should opt for a travel electric toothbrush. It works on battery and it has a sealed cover. 

Buy Or Share Your Toiletries

If you are going on a trip with your friends then you may share some items with them instead of separately packing them with yourself. Items like a bottle of shower gel, deodorants, and lotions, etc. If you think it is not appropriate to share such items then you should buy them on reaching your destination. Shops are easily accessible, even the backward areas have shops from where you can buy all the necessary commodities. 

Never Pack Full-Size Shampoo or Conditioner

Packing full-size bottles of shampoo for trips is not fruitful. You should pack small-size shampoo bottles. It saves space and reduces the weight of your packing. A 100 ml bottle of shampoo can last for two weeks. 

Opt Solid Toiletries 

For packing light, you must choose solid toiletries over liquid ones. It is because solid toiletries are compact and lighter as compared to liquid toiletries. You must prefer solid items for yourself like dove soap, solid deodorant and body lotion, etc. 

Leave The Bulky Jewelry

Don’t include bulky costume jewelry rather leave it at home. You must opt small items that can work with everything. You may also consider buying local jewelry. If you will do this, then this will be contributing toward packing light.

Use A Small Set of Headphones
Never pack big-size headphones. You should pack small-size headphones. These days even small-size headphones are coming in premium quality and they have very good sound quality. Therefore, there is no reason to pack bulky headphones. 

Use Collapsible Version Of Items

Pillows are often bulky and so as water carriers. Nevertheless, both of these items have collapsible versions. So, you must check whether there are collapsible versions of the items you want to pack for your trip. If the collapsible items are available then you must choose them. Not only will it win you more space but also lessen the weight of your packing by a significant degree. 

Pack Your Lightest Pair Of Shoes

Shoes are the common items that are an impediment in the way of light packing. However, this problem can be tackled. You should pack not more than two pairs of shoes including the one you wear while traveling. You must wear a heavier pair of shoes while traveling. You must opt for the smaller and lighter pair for packing. Shoes that are to be packed must be flat and light. 

Pack Your Clothes Vertically

Pack all your clothes in a vertical direction. It appears like a cabinet. In this way, you are in a better position to see all the clothes you have packed. You will not need to lift any of your clothes from the top. This is a better angle for packing your clothes. It is because from this angle you can easily see how many shirts you have packed. 

Furthermore, you can also see which shirts you have packed. This makes it easier for you to remove any shirt you may deem odd or may have packed mistakenly. This is also a great tip for packing lightly for a long trip.