Whether you are starting a new company or you already have one set up, one thing that you need to invest in from time to time is your office equipment. Because such equipment gets used quite frequently and for long hours, they are prone to wear and will ultimately need to be changed. 

There are several considerations to be made before purchasing equipment. Depending on the size and financial strength of your company you may need to choose between refurbished and brand new equipment. Both have their pros and cons, but we will be focusing on the pros of buying refurbished equipment below. 

For small companies or startups, buying refurbished equipment like a computer can be their best route for several reasons that will be highlighted in the next section of this post.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why your company should invest in refurbished equipment. 


This is the leading consideration by companies who choose to buy refurbished equipment, especially small startups. Refurbished equipment generally cost less than brand new ones for the obvious reason that they have been previously used, or in some cases, used very lightly. So, it is a cost-saving decision to buy refurbished equipment. The best part is that refurbished equipment could cost up to 50% less than the price of a newer model with similar features and specifications. In the case of computers where the operating system may be out-dated, they can easily be upgraded to the newest version


When we consider the number of used electronic devices that end up on landfills, it becomes clear that buying refurbished equipment could be your company’s contribution to saving the planet. If more companies choose to buy refurbished equipment, the amount of waste can be reduced by a good margin, making the environment safer. It would also give your business an environmentally friendly and sustainable character that could improve your public image.

High-Quality Equipment For Less

Purchasing refurbished equipment can be considered a smart business decision because you are getting quality equipment for less. When it comes to office equipment like computers and even smartphones, you will find that the newer models are in many cases just as good as the previous ones. So let’s say you want to buy smartphones for your employees, and you have the option to buy a refurbished iPhone 8 or a new one, you might want to stick with the refurbished iPhone 8 because it is a quality device, but you are paying less for it. And another thing is that it has similar features as the newer models and it will do the job perfectly.  The same principle applies to computers and other equipment. 

Upgrading is Easy

In many cases, buying refurbished equipment could mean that you can switch to a more recent model without having to deal with bugs and fixes. The thing with new release models is that they are usually not the best version since they have not been fully used and tested. Over the years there have been equipment and devices that have had to be recalled due to hardware and software issues. You could be saving your company from a lot of issues that may slow down your company because you are waiting for updates and fixes from the equipment manufacturer.

No Need For Long Contracts

New equipment usually comes with long-term contracts that allow companies to pay over some time. Buying refurbished equipment can save you from stress. But, with buying refurbished equipment, you can make on-time payment for refurbished equipment, and you will not be tied to a contract. If you are starting a company or you already own one and are looking for quality refurbished equipment with no long-term contracts, then you should check mynextbox.com