Sambad Today is one of the top-rated newspaper in Odisha, India. The newspaper is published on a daily basis. The newspaper was established on October 4, 1984.

My name is Aditi Malhotra and I am currently working in the Sambad Today as a chief editor and writer.

I first started my career in Nagaland newspaper and then I joined the Sambad Today. The newspaper is currently delivering over 1 million daily publishing.

Publishing Period Daily Newspaper

Format Digital & Print

Founded October 1984

Editor SoumyaRanjan Patnaik

Language Odia

Office Bhubaneshwar

Website SambadToday

The newspaper is also very popular on the internet.

You may check the official website for the latest news in Sambad, Odisha.

What’s so special about Sambad Today?

Well, it’s not only a newspaper, but it’s also something more important for me. As I mentioned earlier that I am currently working in Sambad Today and I am also the writer there.

Before getting a career in Sambad, I was working in a local newspaper in Nagaland state.

I also have worked in West Bangel. Now I am a journalist with a craze of blogging. Today I write about social affairs, tech news, tech reviews, social cultures, and myself.

Now I am driving numerous kind of blogs and also working in a Sambad newspaper.

The special thing about Sambad newspaper is its giant publishing. Sambad is not only a newspaper, but it’s also a huge network which is operating the largest lottery in this state.

You may be aware of Lottery Sambad if you are an Indian.

A quite large number of people play this game and win a handsome amount of money daily.

 Nagaland State and Sambad Today

Nagaland state and Sambad today are the same things approximately. Both the names are famous for one common thing, which is lottery.

Yes, the two names and one lottery, either you can call Nagaland state lottery or lottery Sambad, both are the same things.

And the state is well famed due to this game. One best part of this game is that it announced its results three times a day. Most of the lotto announce the result on a weekly or monthly basis.

This game announces its result three times a day on a daily basis. These three times are:

1. Sambad Morning

2. Sambad Evening

3. Sambad Night

Players play this game three times a day and the winning amount is superb.

 What're my Thoughts on Sambad Today?

Honestly speaking, I love it. I always am fond of adventure and freedom of speech. I really like to write about our cultures, public affairs and I love to reviewed tech devices and also I am very interested in traveling.

So in my childhood, I started to write about things. I was able to write on different topics and it was really great for me.

When my parents see my talent or interest in writing they decided to send me in journalism, and it was also my decision to join journalism and write about our society.

I graduate and then did my masters in journalism and started my career from Nagaland state. Then I start to do blogging. I first create a blog and it went viral in just short span of time. That was the moment I thought I could make it a career.
So along with blogging, I start to working in Sambad Today and now my current employment is in Sambad today. I am a former writer there and write about daily issues and I also write about the Sambad Lottery.

It is very honorable for me to work one of the most popular and well-set newspaper.

 What exactly is Lottery Sambad?

As I have mentioned above about the lottery Sambad and also explained its mechanism. I cannot write a full detailed post about lottery Sambad here. But I will try to describe and mention some of the most important things related to the Sambad lottery.  

The lottery is being played for a very long time. It is legally implemented by the gov. of the Nagaland state. The game is available to all Indians from other states too.

For playing this lottery, you need a ticket as usual. You can buy these lottery tickets from the local verified and trusted dealers.
Just buy a ticket and then wait for the result announcement. Fortunately, the lottery announces its results three times a day.

The result announces on the official website of the government website. Players can check result on a daily basis and the winner will rewarded with the amount of up to 25 lac Indian Rupees.

The first prize is 25 lac approximately and although the second and third prizes are not so high in reward.

But there are more chances to win as the lottery draws three times a day.

So that’s how the lottery Sambad works and people of Nagaland state is winning the tremendous amount of money.

 How Life is in Sambad?

Life in Sambad very pretty. The place is very close to natural beauty. There are a lots of places to visit and do camping with your family and friends. Infect, tourists comes here from all around the globe.

There are rivers, rocks, amusement parks, and beautiful forests. You will never be boor here. Besides the beauty of its places, the food is awesome as the place is.

There are so many ways to get entertainment and fun here in Nagaland or Sambad. The film and drama culture in this state is very decent.

Most theaters are showing dramas which are mostly based on true love stories.

It is also the land of celebrities. There are many famous celebrities who were born here and after that, they earned huge fame.

What about doing shopping here? Yeah, this is something you shouldn’t miss if you come here.

Shopping in Nagaland is tremendous, as the state is famous for textile that’s why the variety and quality of the cloths are brilliant.

One of the famous thing is Naga Shawls, if you are tourist in Nagaland and you did not bought the Naga shawls then you might be unlucky.

For the tourist, I would like to suggest some of the finest quality shops, so if you ever visits the place in future then you can make a big benefit from here.

Here are these superb fine quality shops:

Purana Bazar Dimapur, Nagaland

Tinali Market Oriental Colony, Dimapur, Nagaland

Mao Market Kohima, Nagaland

VithoZao Shan Complex, Circular Road, Dimapur

 I hope this will help the news tourists and travelers while doing a quality shopping.


At the end, I would say Sambad Today has made my career and I have learned so many things and got a positive experience in this newspaper.

Your feedback is worthy to me.