Men have become a lot more concerned about their skin care these days. It is also very necessary because there is too much pollution, stressful life and bad food habits that are affecting the skin anyway. Taking proper care of them is not at all a crime because at the end of the day appearance does matter and one should always try and look clean and good.

Using a face wash is a very basic when it comes to regular skin care. It is the most basic thing that everyone needs to do to cleanse their face. After a long tiring day at work and after facing too much dirt and oil, one has to clean their face when they get home. Using plain water is not much effective as a good face wash is. It can clean the skin from inside and make the pores open so that the oil and dirt come out of it easily. 

There are plenty face wash for men available in the market these days and many of them use Moroccan Argan oil as one of its main ingredient. Now what is this argan oil and why this is beneficial for skin care routine? 

Well, as the name says; Moroccan Argan oil grows exclusively in south west of Morocco and the argan oil is extracted from the kernels of an argan fruit which looks like a large olive. It is said that Moroccan people used to apply this argan oil on their skin to treat any skin issues like psoriasis, eczema and wrinkles. They also applied it on their hair to prevent hair loss.

Argan oils are mainly of 2 kinds. One is the edible food grade argan oil and they come from the roasted argan kernels. The other one is the cosmetic argan oil which is extracted from the unroasted fruits and can either be used directly on the skin and hair or else can be used as an active ingredient in cosmetic and skin care products.

Argan have a lot of monounsaturated fatty acids along with some antioxidants and then have a lot of Vitamin E. All these lead to skin boosting benefits.

Argan oil brings a lot of goodness to the skin. Here are some:

Hydrates skin and boosts elasticity

When one is suing a face wash which has argan oil in it, then it will definitely make the skin soft and supple. The fatty acids and vitamin E present in it have some effective moisturising properties and they can improve the hydration potential of the skin. This can improve the elasticity of the skin as well.

Reverses and prevents sunspots

Sun burning is a regular issue, and everyone suffers from them. Especially in a tropical country there is hardly any chance that one can avoid the harmful and scorching sun rays. If one is suffering from red sun burn and itches, then they should use skin care products that have argan oil in it. This oil has the potential to reverse and prevent the discolouration of the skin and remove all the dark spots from the face. The high concentration of antioxidants prevents the oxidative damage to the pigmented cells.

Controls oily skin and reduces breakouts

Men who suffer from oily skins and regular breakout issues must use a face wash which has Moroccan argan oil in it. This can be a saving grace for the oily skin owners. It is said that argan oil has some anti-sebum powers and so if one uses the face wash (with argan oil) at least twice a day for a few weeks then it can effectively reduce the sebum levels and leads to a less shiny complexion. 


Argan oil do has some anti-ageing properties. It is a very effective moisturises that works on comparatively harder skin of men and give them a youthful glow by reducing the fin lines and wrinkle marks. The antioxidant present in this oil has anti-ageing properties that restore the elasticity on the skin making it softer and plump.

Dry Skin Conditions

Argan oil is not only good for oily skin owners. They can also treat some dry skin conditions as well. Even if one has some genuine and complex skin issues like eczema which can lead to flaky, dry and itchy skin then also one can get a lot of benefits from skin care products that use argan oil as a major ingredient. If one uses face washes which has argan oil in it, then it not only saves one from irritation or dryness, but it also soothes the skin. If it has affected other part of the body, then one can apply some fresh argan oil directly on them to provide some relief.


There are many oils and moisturisers which can exacerbate the skin conditions and one of them is acne. If one uses an argan oil on acne, then it can soothe the afflicted skin and promote healing. Acne often happens because one has oily skin. But when one uses skin care products like face washes or face masks that have argan oil in it, then it makes the skin non greasy and helps to balance the skin by providing some natural moisture. They can also heal the damaged skin and reduce some skin inflammations as well.

Apart from these argan oil is very beneficial for other skin treatments as well. One can use them on nails to make it string and on cracked heels to get it healed. One can also use a few drops of argan oil on lips in winter to get rid of dry and chapped lips.

Argan oil is an organic product that is used in face washes for men as it gives the skin a natural boost and glow. One can use them twice a day to get rid of the oil and dirt so that the facial skin remains hydrated and compact and the fine lines also disappear soon.