Disney. Just the word fills our world and imagination with love, adventure, music, and of course magical childhood characters! Whether you grew up singing “A whole new world”, or you dressed up as Cinderella while trying to remember the words to “I want more” from The Little Mermaid, Disney has captured our attention for decades. 

Although there are so many different games and other fun ways to bring that Disney magic to life, a MagiQuiz, will let you find out who and what you are with their many fun options of Disney quizzes. Are you as kind as Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, or do you have a chip on your shoulder like Ursula? Would you do anything for love, like Prince Charming? Maybe, like Snow White, you need help from a few (seven) little friends? Don’t you want to find out which Disney character are you? Of course, you do! MagiQuiz, the incredibly user-friendly and legendary quiz site with over a million visitors each MONTH, is bringing you the most fun and family-friendly Disney quizzes! 

Here are a few of the different Disney quizzes, MagiQuiz offers:

How well do you know your Disney movie trivia? Are you waiting to show your friends, who really knows their Disney? Take this quiz and show off your results through your social or better yet-challenge a friend and finally settle that score!
What Disney movie should you live in?-Is this so fun? There are so many amazing places and times, not to mention alternative realities when it comes to Disney Take this Disney quiz if you want to find out your true dream place to dwell. Are you Jasmine in an exotic Middle Eastern castle, or thousands of feet below in the sea. Maybe you are feeling as trapped as Rapunzel, or as heroic as Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story. This is such a fun quiz for any age!
Can you name these 12 Disney movies from just the first line? - Up for a serious challenge? This MagiQuiz will make you feel like a genius or NOT. Take it as many times as you like and then challenge your friends, to see who really did nothing their whole childhood but watch Disney movies!
Which Disney Animal Matches Your Personality? We all love the human heroes of Disney but let's not forget the amazing Disney animal characters that sang, danced, laughed, and cried their way into our hearts. Do you need to just keep swimming like Dory? Maybe you’re a little precocious like Abu? Or meant to be a big hero like Little Simba. No matter who you are, MagiQuiz Disney quizzes will pick your animal twin!
Which Disney character is your opposite?-Now this is fun! Ever think you are sure you are one way and then taken a MagiQuiz and realized you might not be that different from your opposite after all? Maybe you know who you are and can prove yourself right easily through a Disney quiz of opposites? I took this one myself and was blown away by the deep questions. 

I love that MagiQuiz doesn’t take the usual quiz route. Where most will just ask you about the topic at hand, MagiQuiz has this incredible psychology of really delving deep and revealing your true self. 

Wrap It Up

When it comes to challenging, thought-provoking and just plain fun quizzes look no further than MagiQuiz. With their obvious love and well-thought-out questions, no wonder they get one million visitors each month! Try your hand at anyone of these quizzes. I promise you won’t be able to stop! This is such a fun way to add to your evening in or party with friends. Watch a Disney movie and take a quiz!