Despite my insane obsession with traveling, I dislike the tedious research process of trying to uncover hidden destinations to explore.

As a solution, I rely on friends and random strangers for tips on the best places I should visit. It sounds crazy, but it works, and I’ve managed to travel to stunning locations I never knew existed.

This time around, I made my way to New Zealand, courtesy to my friend who kept raving about the countries beautiful beaches and fantastic campsites.

So, instead of the typical tourist activities, I’ll share with you a few of the best things you ought to try for a wonderful time in this lovely destination.

Bungy Jumping

For all adrenaline junkies or anyone interested in clutching their pearls for a few minutes, bungy jumping is the ideal activity to make you have a fun travel. I’m not talking about jumping 50 meters, but extreme heights up to 134m if you do it at the Nevis Bungy located in Queenstown. 

There is also another fantastic spot at Kawarau Bridge. The Shotover Canyon swing serves a dose of excitement as well with a 109m high platform. 

Sample Mouth-Watering Cuisines

When you travel to a new destination, finding the right eating spot is as important as scoring that dreamy motel room with a magnificent view of the ocean. The country has delicious meals with a wide variety of gourmet burgers and grilled beefsteak.

Skip on the fine dining restaurants, and explore a unique cafe in Queenstown for the ultimate Kiwi hospitality. If in doubt, you can never go wrong with a classic, yet utterly delicious brisket burger. For a late night snack, try some lamingtons or the all-time favorite, hokey pokey ice cream.

Experience Māori village

If you want to relish the beauty of the Maori culture, cancel the trip to the museum and head over to Rotorua, Located in North Island. Apart from the breathtaking bubbling mud pools and geysers, it holds the secret to the ultimate Maori experience. 

It provides a mix of activities, from enjoying a hot hangi to participating in a war dance. You can explore the historical buildings or get a memorable piece of art as a testament to your travel escapades from one of the tattoo artists.

Explore the Vibrant Nightlife

Apart from the amazing landscapes and stunning beaches, New Zealand has cool spots where you can have fun after dark. From frenetic parties in Wellington to iconic bars in Queenstown with live entertainment, there is always an ideal place to have a great time after a day of mad adventures. 

With a buzz of activities at night, you can sample different tap beers and wines. Most pubs also serve non-alcoholic drinks, perfect if you’re the designated driver or you have a flight to catch in the morning. 

Visit Frodo at Hobbiton

To all Lord of the Rings die-hard fans, you can visit the real middle earth by making your way to Hobbiton. Even if you’re not a fanatic, getting to explore the lush pastures of the shire provides great tales when you go back home.

The movie is located on a farm and is one of the excellent tourist attractions in Waikato, New Zealand. It has beautiful scenery with intricate details like hand-painted mailboxes, beautiful gardens, and hobbit holes. 

Parting shot

If you’re a lazy traveler like me who relies on suggestions from people to uncover exciting places to visit, I believe I’ve helped you narrow down on your next destination. 

I hope that you get to have as much fun as I did.