Using the proverb “like riding a bicycle”, makes anything sound easier. However, in real life, cycling through a city, regardless of the terrain, is an exercise which requires a certain level of fitness and determination which not everyone has. 

If you’ve lived a sedentary lifestyle most of your life, or even if you regularly enjoyed bicycling in the past and don’t have the strength to go on a manual bike for long stretches, then e-Bikes might just be for you! In the fraction of the price of a car, you can get a simple, low maintenance vehicle to get you from one place to another, all the while keeping you healthy.
An e-Bike (short for electric bicycle) doesn’t refer to a motorized scooter if that’s what you’re imagining. These are actual bicycles that have an electric motor assist installed, which provides a gentle nudge to the bike to move forward. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to pedal though, because the motor only kicks in when it detects the pedal of the bike is moving. Essentially, you’re still putting in the effort, but the motor assists you and you still keep in shape.
E-Bikes can be enjoyed by everyone really and people from different walks of life already use them. From moms to executives to teenagers, these vehicles don’t have a single target audience. You may want to get one because you enjoy bicycling but want to enjoy longer stretches. Or you’re a busy executive who needs to find a way to stay in shape and use it to commute to work. Perhaps you’re conscious about the environment and would like to reduce your carbon footprint, save money, and stay in shape at the same time.
We’ll go through some of the advantages of an e-Bike with you today, to help you decide whether it’s a good investment or not. First and foremost is everyone’s biggest concern, the money! The average price of a car in December 2018 was upwards of $37,000/-  In contrast e-Bikes fall in the price range of $2,000/- to $4,000/-. Even if you buy a car on financing options, you’ll still have to pay a down payment of $ 6000/-, which means you’ll be spending less on an e-Bike than you would on just paying the down for your car!
One can argue that the luxury and enjoyment that a car would offer can’t be replicated when it comes to such a vehicle. However, that doesn’t mean that e-Bikies don’t have any utility. In many aspects, such as exercise, not dealing with traffic, and monthly savings (car maintenance costs come to an average of $300 whereas the cost of maintaining an e-Bike is around $25), that a car just can’t provide.
It’s also hard to put up arguments about your daily commute being long, considering that e-Bikes can go decent distances on a single charge (some go over 40 miles). However, like all other vehicles, e-Bikes also need servicing, so be sure to keep a check on everything and regularly go to your distributor to have it serviced.