One of the greatest advantages of using a vaporizer is the practicality and customization of the user experience. Whether you are vaping as a source of nicotine or prefer an experience that is nicotine-free, vaping provides many options when it comes to flavor, intensity, and overall profile. 

Whether you are new to the vaporizer world, or you have been vaping for a long amount of time, you would be hard pressed to find anyone who denies the convenience and ease of a vaporizer, especially in comparison to cigarettes. 

Because a vaporizer can use different flavors and types of eLiquids, there is a wide array of experimentation and enjoyment available with different kinds of eLiquids. As you become more experienced with eLiquids and begin to develop favorites, you may notice similarities and differences between certain products.  One question of this nature is frequently asked: are menthol and mint the same E-liquid flavors?

Are Menthol and Mint the Same?

If you’ve shopped for eLiquids before, you know you need to check out eLiquid's vast selection of flavors. There are so many flavors, in fact, that they are often broken down into categories first, and then into flavors. Menthol and mint are usually categorized together because of their refreshing qualities. Both are often described as cool, fresh flavors that are, well, minty. They are bright, bold flavors with a little bit of a kick. But what does that actually mean? Can you separate menthol and mint? How do they differ?

What Makes Menthol Different?

Menthol itself is a chemical quality that is used in both tobacco and non-tobacco products to cut down on any harshness or bitterness. In different quantities and intensities, menthol can be found in all sorts of eLiquids. When people describe a cooling feeling or sensation, they are usually referring to Menthol. 

What Makes Mint Different?

Mint can refer to a lot of different flavors that vary slightly, like peppermint or spearmint, or can even be more specific and have fruity tastes, like orange mint. It is hailed as a great flavor because of its long-lasting nature, and the general freshness it provides. So, where menthol provides a feeling of freshness, mint provides the flavor. So, you will often find menthol and mint together, but many other flavors other than mint will include menthol in their ingredients as well.

There are So Many Options. Where Should I Start?

So, if you’re looking for a place to start, jump online and check out just how many flavors there actually are. Based on the flavor profiles listed for individual products, find out what flavors are right for you. Remember, flavors are added to tobacco products to cut down on harshness, or even bitterness, so depending on your preferences, you will find different products and flavors more or less appealing. Then, try products and flavors with different concentrations of menthol, and see if you can notice a difference in the smoothness of the product. Happy vaping!