Block paving is commonly used as a decorative method of creating a hard driveway or standing path. Many people prefer this over other materials because individual bricks which go together can not only be lifted but also replaced. As such, remedial work can be performed without the worry of having visible notice once the paving bricks have been removed and replaced. 

Interestingly, there is a wide range of paving colours and styles out there. Even more so, there is a variety of ways of installing them. In this article, you will learn about the different benefits of each and why you should consider using certain laying styles over another. Make sure to keep them in mind before hiring a block paving Essex expert!

Herringbone Paving

When it comes to paving, the Herringbone Paving proves to be the most popular one thanks to its lasting strength. It is where the laying of the paving happens and in opposite directions, which could either be at 45 degrees or 95 degrees angle to form a “V” shape. The latter, in particular, will lock the solid in position in order to make the formation suitable for high traffic areas, such as driveways, patios, and walkways. 

Stretcher Bond

Not only is stretcher simple but also a visually effective paving style. Plus, it is an easy method to design and install. The paving is basically laid side by side and forms a linear pattern, allowing smaller areas to appear larger. This paving style is definitely perfect on curved areas and pathways. If you want to move forward with this style of paving, it is imperative that proper restrained is applied to ensure there is no movement. 

Basket Weave

Unlike the two aforementioned paving styles, this one right here makes use of vertical and horizontal pairs. And by doing so, it can easily achieve a vintage look and a feel that is synonymous to its name. Also, the style seems to mimic the old fashion way hardscaping. Apart from that, Basket Weave does not require cutting of any interlocking paving used, but only if the area proves to have straight outer edges.

Random Staggered

This beautiful style is best known for its use of cobble stones which are all cut to different sizes. The outcome appears to be a random series of varying lengths, all of which are fit together in a very eye-catching manner. Its unique aesthetic appeal makes it an ideal option for patio paving, driveway paving, and any other areas you are interested in. If you like the idea of combining beauty and durability, then Random Staggered is going to be your best bet. Moreover, there are different finishes available, from smooth to tumbled style finish. And thanks to its colour and style, it can easily suit any type of house or building.


By contrasting the main pattern of your paving, you are able to vary the pattern of the border. This is exactly what this style of paving offers. Usually, when it comes to the installation of driveway block paving, both the colour and design of the paved borders should be able to compliment the paving blocks’ main area. But if you do not like seeing the borer of the patio or driveway to stand out, then your best course of action is to move forward with the same colour that you have chosen in the main area. By doing so, the colours and design can perfectly blend together. 


If you want to completely transform the look of your block paving, then you should consider incorporating a diamond pattern shape. You will appreciate the fact that there are tons of variations and/or designs of diamonds to choose from. In most cases, the colour of the diamond paving is similar to the colour of border paving. It is an ideal option for people looking to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of their driveways, patios, or walkways.

Mixing Colours 

Are you not quite sure with the style of paving you like to move forward with? Well, if so, then you can try mixing colours of paving into your design. Do this and you will be able to obtain some of the great effects. In some cases, mixing colours can be perfect if combined with Basket Weave design of pattern.