Everyone has been told by their dentist that it is imperative that you schedule a dental cleaning every six months but do you know why this is so important? It is imperative that you allow your dentist the opportunity to inspect your teeth and gums with routine visits to make sure you are maintaining them properly. 

Despite this, many people don’t see the value in visiting the dentist every six months, whether it be that they don’t want to spend the money or take the time out of their day to go in. By not scheduling regular visits, however, you increase the risk of maintaining healthy teeth which, in turn, can lead to a more expensive dentist visit later on down the road if common dental problems start to arise and then worsen. 

We all take pride in having a beautiful set of pearly whites and know that having a healthy mouth is detrimental to be able to chew food and speak properly. Having a healthy smile goes a long way in improving not only your quality of life, but your overall health as well. If you are not taking proper care of your teeth, small dental issues can quickly lead to larger dental emergencies such as tooth decay and gum disease. Many people think this is only an issue to worry about as you grow older, but the truth is that these issues can strike at any age if you are not regularly getting dental cleanings. Read on to learn more about why visiting the dentist regularly is important. 

Tooth Decay Diagnosis

One of the main reasons for regular dental visits is to ensure that any tooth or gum problems are detected right away so that the issue can be addressed at an early stage. The problem might seem minor to you but if left untreated for too long, it can lead to more serious problems. 

If one of the reasons you are deterred from visiting the dentist regularly is because you don’t know of a dentist that takes your insurance, make sure to do some research before making your next appointment. If you are looking for dentists that accept Aetna dental providers, for example, make it a point to check out a potential dental office’s website or call them to ask if they accept your insurance. Dental offices will be more than happy to help you figure out if their office is the best for you and you may even be able to learn more about discounts and special offers they may have for initial appointments and cleanings.

Plaque and Tartar Free Teeth  

Even regular brushing and flossing miss certain areas of the mouth. With time, plaque buildup and turn into tartar once it becomes solid. It cannot be removed without a dentist visit. Your doctor has the necessary instruments to let your teeth get rid of this tartar. 

If you are regular in your visits, the dental doctor cleans your teeth, and it minimizes the chances of any buildup tartar. Cavities are also result of missing dental visits. A cavity rarely gives any sign; it only causes toothache when the teeth are partially or fully decayed. Now you are left with the option to have the cavity filled. 

Don’t you think visiting a doctor and spending little is beneficial than losing teeth?

Gum Disease

Buildup plaque and tartar can harm gum tissue as well. Your gums get infected with a disease called gingivitis. As it progresses, the tissue starts breaking down. It is required to keep gums and teeth connected. When you are infected with the disease, you will experience bleeding gums, swelling or sore mouth. The bone that holds teeth can also suffer a breakdown with gingivitis. 

To cure the disease, you have to make several visits to the dentist; it can even lead to surgery. But with regular visits, the disease can be curbed at the right time.

Oral Health during Pregnancy   

A pregnant woman has a lot of hormonal changes in her body. It is the time when the risk of suffering from a gum disease increases. This can even affect the developing baby’s health. So, it is often recommended to take good care of your oral health during pregnancy. Visits your dentist to get your teeth examined. It is also recommended to visit the dentist the time when you knew that you have become pregnant. As going for X-ray is not good for the baby, so let your gum tissues examined thoroughly beforehand. 

Now, you must have learnt the importance of visiting the dentist. So, maintain the hygiene of your teeth and keep them in healthy condition by making regular visits to the dentist.